Monday, 2 April 2012

A Busy Weekend

So Friday saw the arrival of my monthly tribute from my financial slave and so another shopping trip was arranged with Miss Beth. Off I went to pick her up (managed not to get lost this time too....bonus!!) and before very long we were surrounded by lovely things begging to be bought.

First stop was of course the shoe shops, Miss Beth has a pair of boots which I have liked for some time so the first purchase was a similar pair but in black leather as opposed to patent leather. The second purchase was another pair of boots but this time with lacing up the front (a particular fetish of mine!!)

Next a serious decision had to be made......more shopping or lunch!! Miss Beth had a favourite shop she wanted to show me so lunch was delayed for a while. The favourite shop turned out to be Nice and Naughty and on entering the doors my breath was taken away by an array of beautiful corsets and lingerie, I was almost hyperventilating before I even got into the shop proper!!

Anyway to cut a very long story short we spent over an hour oagling, touching and sighing over the vast array of clothing and toys on offer and finally I got to the checkout with my arms full of lovely things to play with, a pvc skirt, a glass butt plug, a double paddle with heart cut outs and my favourite purchase a 3' bull whip in black and purple suede. We had great fun cracking the whip in the shop aswell and managed not to wreck any displays with it!!

So then it was on to lunch in a very nice chinese restaurant and a well earned sit down.

Yesterday I went to meet an Aussi friend of mine who was making an unexpected trip to England (and a few other countries too!) So it was a drop everything moment and dash off to meet her. We met at her hotel in Manchester and after a quick coffee there decided on lunch in canal street. My favourite bar, Via, was just opening and we were first to the bar, not that we are alchoholics or anything but this was the first time either of us had seen the place sober!!

When I left home the sun was shining and it was warming up nicely but by the time we had eaten
lunch the clouds had appeared and it was a bit chilly so a trip into the centre was called for to purchase some warmer clothing!!, then back to canal street for some chit chat before I had to make my way home.

All in all I spent some quality time with two of my favourite people.

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