Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I am happier than I can remember being for a very long time but at the same time I am sad, lonely, lost, gutted, bereft, heart broken.

My boy visited for the weekend with a trip to a fet club planned for Sunday (Kage....well worth a visit if you are in or visiting the Manchester area) Saturday was spent just the two of us getting to know each other again. I have to say I love the way his body responds to me, I can almost see it opening up and revealing its inner core. Needless to say several hours of touching teasing and denying his cock left me dripping wet and desperate to cum myself  so after a hasty retreat to the bedroom his tongue was soon working its magic and two fabulous orgasms followed in quick succession before it was back to teasing him some more.

Sunday dawned another beautiful sunny day but I didnt mind missing the sunshine one little bit. We would be spending the afternoon and evening at Kage, a chance to dress up and socialise with likeminded kinksters and of course make use of the dungeon in the basement!!  My friend Miss Beth and her boy were coming with us making two very happy dommes and two rather nervous slaves!!! After paying our entrance  I gave the others a quick guided tour of the pool room and dungeon and pointed out the private rooms and glory holes. We settled at a table and got some soft drinks in and chatted for a while taking in the scenery and ogling some of the kinky outfits on display. There was a couple of stalls selling toys and I couldn't resist some new hitty things, j paled a little when he saw what I'd bought but I promised to be gentle......ish. My new toys sat on the table while we chatted and socialised for a while but the temptation was just to great so I told j to get himself ready for some play and invited Miss Beth and her boy to come and join us.

j was tied onto the St Andrews Cross and Miss Beth's boy was put in charge of the camera and told to snap away. I could feel j's nerves, not being the greatest pain slut I think he was worried he would disappoint.......he didnt, not in the slightest. I was so proud of him. Miss Beth and I tag teamed him with floggers crops and my new hitty toys and he managed to channel the pain into an endorphin body orgasm which was a beautiful sight to see and filled my heart with pride and when we finished I couldn't help but hold him tight in my arms.

Unfortunately time had marched on as it has a habit of doing when you're enjoying yourself and Miss Beth and her boy had to leave so j and I went for some aftercare in the plunge pool.

We had another lovely day together on Monday but it went far too fast and before I knew it the time for him to return home had arrived but before he left I managed to fit in another hour of teasing his cock to breaking point and two ruined orgasms. Just a little something for him to remember me by!!!

On Monday evening I offered him my collar permanently, He smiled and went to make some coffee, two minutes later he was back with tears in his eyes asking if I had really said what he thought he had heard. It took a while to sink in but he got there eventually, he is now my collared slave.

So, I took him to the train station this morning to catch his train back to Scotland and I sit here writing this blog with tears in my eyes and feeling like my right arm is missing.


  1. That was a fab day and I know exactly how you feel, been there a million times. I hope it's not going to be for long or even a regular occurance, his leaving. You will have to settle for me annoying you in the mean time :)

  2. Mistress I am missing you like mad as well. I cried when I read this post as it shows what we mean to each other xxxx