Slave Labour Camp

                                        Slave labour camp - Last Tuesday of the Month
Sessions 10am to 12noon and 1pm to 3pm

So….. you think you know how to serve a Dominant Woman, think you know what we want. I’d like to bet you don’t!! However, for those of you who would like to try….. my good friend, and fellow Dominatrix, Miss Beth and I will be holding Slave Labour Camps at my chambers, where you can give it your best shot and be punished when you get it wrong…which you undoubtedly will OR be rewarded if you happen by chance to please us.

Don’t for one minute think you will be prancing about in your maids outfit flicking your feather duster and looking pretty. When I say Slave Labour I mean slave and I mean labour! And when I say punished I mean severely!! You will be naked and you will work like you have never worked before and you will thank us gratefully for allowing you the honour. By the time you leave you will know how to truly serve a Dominant Woman and if you do it well you may be allowed back.

First timers or novices need not worry we are more than capable of finding your limits and not overstepping them although we may push them a little!!

The sessions will be a.m and p.m running 10-12 and 1-3. If there is a sub fortunate enough, he may be allowed to either take us to or serve us lunch, however that is at our discretion.

The session tributes are £30 and hopefully will stay that price, so while you may be partial to a bargain it's up to you, our minions to keep it that price by spreading the word and having others attend. There is a £10 deposit which will need to be paid at least 48hrs before you come, this can be done by a generic payment method (contact me for which are available). Then on the day you will be expected to pay the remaining £20.

Do NOT email to attend if you have no concept of what being a sub is at even the basic level, you are here to serve us however we see fit, not the other way around. Anyone asking for sexual favours will be ejected, possibly minus your clothes.

If you think you would like to attend then email me at for further details and to book your place.

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