Monday, 1 April 2013

Total Enclosure

For years I have been an interested onlooker at the world of rubber. I love the look and smell of rubber but don't like the phaff and slimy feel of lubing up my clothing before being able to put it on!! And so I stood on the side lines admiring those that put in that extra latex effort to look wonderfully shiny.

However, about six months ago my boy and I joined a wonderful club in Manchester called M.A.R.S (Manchester Alternative Rooms) which is predominantly full of rubber and latex lovers so we joined as a treat for my boy who drifts off into sub space at the mere mention of rubber lol.

Over the months I have gradually come to appreciate the wonders of rubber bondage and the total control it gives to a dominant, control being one of my main fetishes!! I have even discovered chlorinated rubber and latex and am now tempted to invest in some clothing so I can look wonderfully shiny too, however, I have invested in some items which appeal to my control fetish and have bought a rubber sleep sack and a vac bed which my boy begs so prettily to be encased in!!! **grin**

I will be including these items in professional sessions so anyone interested in trying total rubber enclosure get in touch.....I'd love to control you!!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Yes OMG indeed!! I didnt realise how long I had been neglecting my blog for. I can only put it down to how busy Ive been with Christmas and new slaves etc.

Anyway I think I owe my readers a little catch up on a few of the things I have been up to lately. Slave Camp has been marching on and we held our fifth one at the end of January albeit on a new day due to Miss Beths change in circumstances. It was a fairly quiet one due to the post Christmas cash shortage and various ailments and bugs going round but it was definately not a boring one. One of my long standing slaves, c, decided to join us along with sven from an earlier camp and I have to say they did us proud. c was put to task brushing the play room floor, hands cuffed behind his back and brush in his mouth, he did an amazingly good job considering and I was very pleased with the effort he put in, sven meanwhile was sent off to clean the bathroom and also did a very good job. After the chores were completed it was entertainment time so sven recited some nursery rhymes for us and c did a very sexy slow dance which had Miss Beth and I in hysterics!! And so it was onto the punishment and reward. We had them both lined up, hands on the bench bottoms raised while we discussed how well they had done their chores and what had not been up to standard and then lashes with various whips and floggers were dished out. Afterwards they were allowed to wank to completion for us while we observed and commented on their techniques. c always brings chocolate and champagne when visiting me but a special thank you and some brownie points to him for bringing the same for Miss Beth too, mind you it didnt gain him any special favours lol but the thoughtfulness was appreciated.

I have been frequenting MARS (a fet club not the planet!!) recently, it is a wonderfull commuity club run by Evie aka The Rubberdomme and her team, where I have been made to feel really welcome and valued. During my visits there I have been able to explore the world of rubber fetish amongst other things. Rubber is something I have not really had the opportunity to explore too deeply before, I like the look of rubber on other people but dont really like the feeling of wearing it myself and so I had, rather shortsightedly, written it off as something I was not interested in as a whole. However my boy j is quite heavily into rubber and so as a treat we attended an all day rubber event where I discovered there is much more to rubber than just wearing it lmao. I discovered the joys of teasing my boy while he was helplessly trussed up in a rubber bondage sack and also the joys of taking him on an erotic hypno journey whilst he was immobilised in an inflatable rubber sack. These experiences changed my mind about rubber and left me wet and wanting more, so I immediately came home and ordered my very own rubber bondage sack and made enquiries about a second hand vaccuum bed. The down side is I have taken delivery of neither of them yet and I am getting quite impatient lol but when I do watch out rubber slaves Im coming to get ya!!!!!!

I also have a couple of new slaves in my stable, Sam is in chastity and I have to say thats the best place for him as a tiny weiner like his is little use for anything else!! So he was locked up yesterday during a skype session with me which turned out to be accidentally very humiliating for him. He is a youngish slave and still living at home with his parents who yesterday had other family members visiting. Each time he tried to drop his pants to attach his cock cage one of them would knock on his door and he would have to cover up quickly lol but eventually we managed to get him securely locked away.....or so we thought!! Turns out his weiner is sooooo tiny it fell out of the cage during the family evening meal, creating a somewhat unusual bulge in his trousers which he had to excuse himself to rearrange lmao. He is now going to have to pay me a visit to obtain the key to unlock the padlock so he can replace it, I cant wait to humiliate him in person!!!!

Well I think I have rabbitted on long enough for now, I'll do some more catching up soon....I promise!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend was busy but much fun was had. Friday saw Miss Beth and I holding our second Slave Camp. Due to other commitments only one slave returned from the first camp but we had three new slaves to take their places. It was decided that my playroom needed a makeover and so after some shoe cleaning and kitchen scrubbing they were set the task of painting the wall red and my bondage frame black. It was plain to see that some of these guys had never picked up a paint brush in their lives preferring instead to rely on professional decorators to do the job. However after some careful instruction they managed to produce an ok job which, although it would probably have been quicker to do it myself, saved me the time and effort of doing so.

Lunch was as usual in the local Kro bar and kindly paid for by T who was allowed to join us but did not eat. Just a coffee for him!! After lunch it was time for a second coat of paint and once again Toby brought his needles with him so we had a bit of fun giving him and T a little prick!! The afternoon session was finished off with some foot worship and massage which was a welcome relief for two Mistresses in killer heels all day!

Sunday was Kage day, eagerly looked forward to by Miss Beth and I and of course our respective boys. j had been a bit poorly on the friday but had perked up in time for Kage so we were looking forward to some fun. However I think most of the North West had the same idea, Kage was packed!! We managed to find a private room to do a little teasing in but it was too cramped for anything more than that so we settled down to wait for space in the dungeon. However, a girl can only wait so long and with little chance of even getting near the dungeon equipment I set off in search of a quiet corner somewhere. We happened across the Roman Orgy room which was just being vacated by another set of players and I decided the pillars would make ideal whipping posts. j was sent of to fetch Miss Beth and our toy bag so we could set about satisfying our sadistic inclinations. I managed to have a quick play with Miss Beths new flame thrower (a dragons tongue single tail) which leaves some lovely, if transient, flame like marks and have decided its a must have for my play room.

Normally after playing we would have had a dip in the pool but it was so crowded we decided to give it a miss and headed off home stopping at McDonalds on the way home to satisfy other pressing hungers!!

All in all it was a good weekend and as an added bonus at Kage I met the very first sub I ever played publicly with and he still remembered me even after being off the scene for a while (nothing to do with me....honest!!) I think thats a good thing lmao


We see lots of images of stern Dominatrixes weiding whips to control their minions, the internet is full of adverts for Mistresses who will shout and scream abuse to gain control. To me control is much simpler than that, control is a state of mind. It is the state of mind of both persons concerned and it is beautiful. I found this pic on Spit is Me on tumblr and I think it says it all.

There is no shouting or screaming, no whips or chains and yet she is clearly in control, he is her plaything her toy

Friday, 21 September 2012

Slave Camp #2

Although the numbers for the first Slave Camp were small, everyone had such a good time we have decided to hold another. Yes number 2 Slave Camp will be held on Friday 28th September. Sessions as before 10am to 12 noon and 1pm to 3pm. Tributes will also remain the same just £30 for a two hour service, £10 deposit payable in advance to hold your place.

For more details see the Slave Camp tab at the top of the page

Monday, 17 September 2012

Mannequin Time

As most of you know my boy j suffers from PTSD and from time to time he has panic attacks. Over the last week or so he has been grumpy and unfocussed and I suspected something was brewing. Sure enough Friday saw a full blown panic attack emerge which took a while to calm down. After it was over I decided to trance j to relax him and release all the stress that had built up and afterwards he was much calmer.

Something we had been meaning to try for a while but time did not allow is turning him into a mannequin. I quite like the idea of having a mindless doll at my disposal to do with as I please, so this morning I decided it was time to give it a try.

I am always amazed at the speed and ease that j goes into trance and this morning was no different. I teased him for a while stroking his forehead without giving the trance command but eventually I did and he fell like a ton of bricks. Good job he was lying down lol. So anyway after a few deepeners to make sure he was nicely relaxed and receptive I placed the trigger and instructions for him to become a mannequin. I have always wondered what the effects of this would be and I have to say I was very pleased with the outcome. j's expression was blank and his eyes glassy just like the shop window dummies you see. I had told him he would have no feelings, emotions or thoughts other than what I told him to have so of course the first emotion I gave him was happiness and a small grin spread across his lips, next (sorry I just couldn't resist) I told him he was horny. Guess what! his cock sprang to attention bursting a couple of buttons on his fly lmao, needless to say I was very pleased with this effect!! I spent a little while longer putting him into various positions, I even sang a couple of nursery rhymes to him putting him into positions suitable to the rhymes which was great fun. Then I brought him out of trance and asked how it was for him. He said it was a blank and he didnt really remember anything except for feeling happy and that he felt incredibly horny. Hmm wonder how that happened!! lol

Well a hypnotist needs to eat so we went off for lunch at the local cafe and on the way home j stopped and looked at me with a funny look "You made me do the teapot didnt you" he groaned I couldn't help but laugh at the embarrassment on his face.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Our First Slave Labour Camp

Some of you may have noticed my page about our new sessions for Slave Labour Camp, well we held our first one last friday. We (Miss Beth and I) had two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We were both very nervous and excited at the prospect our stomaches churning with anticipation. Three slaves had booked in which we felt was quite good for a first time. The morning session was just one slave who we shall call "wanker" as he is a self confessed wanker!!

So 10am rolled around and wanker duly arrived and was shown in by j to the dungeon room where Miss Beth and I were waiting for him. Introductions were made and he was instructed to strip, I have to say I was very impressed with the way he neatly folded all his clothes and placed them in a tidy little bundle on top of his shoes in the corner of the room, I felt this boded well for his capabilities with his chores and I was not wrong!!

Next followed a close inspection, we were pleased to note how nicely shaven his bits were and how attractive his smooth bottom was. He had had considerable experience of service before and when told to present he knew what to do. We then led him to the kitchen, on his hands and knees, where the cups and plates from earlier were waiting to be washed and put away and he was set to work. And work he did! I have never been so impressed with a slaves attention to detail, however I did manage to find a few bits he had missed for which he duly apologised and put right immediately. I felt safe to leave him to his work for a few minutes to see what j was up to, I didnt want him to think he was getting away with anything just because there was someone else doing his work!! I found him lazing in a corner day dreaming so I set him to work holding up the post of my bondage frame......with his nose!....while I tried a few of the sapling canes we had cut from the cherry tree in my garden the day before on his backside, his verdict....Ouch they sting!!

Back to wanker to find he had almost finished the kitchen, I do love watching a man on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor, it brings a warm moist feeling to my nether regions!! His next job was the hall where Miss Beth had him licking the skirting boards clean amongst other things. Periodically we would call him into the dungeon room to perform a song and dance for our entertainment, he made a very entertaining teapot after a little prompting with the words although his dancing skills need some work! As his work had been so good we decided he should be allowed to live up to his name and put on a wanking demonstration for us so he was led to the bathroom and instructed that if he could get the extractor fan to gleam he would be allowed to wank. Well needless to say I now have the cleanest shiniest fan in the world!! He was allowed to wank to completion lying on the bathroom floor that he had just cleaned.

So that was the morning session and after a hurried lunch we looked forward to the afternoon session with much enthusiasm

Two subs had booked in for the afternoon, toby and max, max arrived first and came in chatty and confident, its amazing how stripping infront of two Mistresses can deflate a mans cockiness lmao. Again a close inspection took place with a little nipple tweeking and slapping of a nice smooth backside until toby arrived with his bag of tricks. Apparently toby had been training for the slave olympics in the weight lifting catagory so he gave us a demonstration of chains and weights attached to his scrotum piercing which was highly amusing. Then they were both set to work, toby in the massage room and max to finish off the bathroom, max seemed to be easily distracted especially by standing up close to him and blowing in his ear!! pinching his nipples also seemed to distract him somewhat so it was decided to place him in nipple clamps while I whipped his backside a little. toby meanwhile was dutifully continuing with his chores and I watched him scraping wax from the skirting boards with a warm glow rising in my clit. I cant explain how good it feels to see a man on his knees working to please me, to me it is complete submission, due to his medical history toby expected nothing in return simply the pleasure of pleasing Miss Beth and I with a job well done.

Once these chores were done toby entertained us with some more weight lifting and eventually max was allowed to wank with his head on Miss Beths lap. Then as a final surprise toby asked if we would like to have a try at sticking needles into his scrotum. Now needles is something I have never really hankered to do even after watching a demonstration a couple of weeks ago, however it seemed rude to say no so we both had a go at sticking one needle into him. I'll admit it was a lot easier to pierce the skin than I imagined it would be and I think I have found a new kink!! j by the way ran screaming to the hills when I said I enjoyed it but Im sure I can talk him round!!! lmao.

So that was our first Slave Camp. It was so much fun we have decided to hold them regularly, probably the last friday of each month although that may be subject to change. So boys line up, book in and come and have some fun with us.