Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend was busy but much fun was had. Friday saw Miss Beth and I holding our second Slave Camp. Due to other commitments only one slave returned from the first camp but we had three new slaves to take their places. It was decided that my playroom needed a makeover and so after some shoe cleaning and kitchen scrubbing they were set the task of painting the wall red and my bondage frame black. It was plain to see that some of these guys had never picked up a paint brush in their lives preferring instead to rely on professional decorators to do the job. However after some careful instruction they managed to produce an ok job which, although it would probably have been quicker to do it myself, saved me the time and effort of doing so.

Lunch was as usual in the local Kro bar and kindly paid for by T who was allowed to join us but did not eat. Just a coffee for him!! After lunch it was time for a second coat of paint and once again Toby brought his needles with him so we had a bit of fun giving him and T a little prick!! The afternoon session was finished off with some foot worship and massage which was a welcome relief for two Mistresses in killer heels all day!

Sunday was Kage day, eagerly looked forward to by Miss Beth and I and of course our respective boys. j had been a bit poorly on the friday but had perked up in time for Kage so we were looking forward to some fun. However I think most of the North West had the same idea, Kage was packed!! We managed to find a private room to do a little teasing in but it was too cramped for anything more than that so we settled down to wait for space in the dungeon. However, a girl can only wait so long and with little chance of even getting near the dungeon equipment I set off in search of a quiet corner somewhere. We happened across the Roman Orgy room which was just being vacated by another set of players and I decided the pillars would make ideal whipping posts. j was sent of to fetch Miss Beth and our toy bag so we could set about satisfying our sadistic inclinations. I managed to have a quick play with Miss Beths new flame thrower (a dragons tongue single tail) which leaves some lovely, if transient, flame like marks and have decided its a must have for my play room.

Normally after playing we would have had a dip in the pool but it was so crowded we decided to give it a miss and headed off home stopping at McDonalds on the way home to satisfy other pressing hungers!!

All in all it was a good weekend and as an added bonus at Kage I met the very first sub I ever played publicly with and he still remembered me even after being off the scene for a while (nothing to do with me....honest!!) I think thats a good thing lmao

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