Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend was busy but much fun was had. Friday saw Miss Beth and I holding our second Slave Camp. Due to other commitments only one slave returned from the first camp but we had three new slaves to take their places. It was decided that my playroom needed a makeover and so after some shoe cleaning and kitchen scrubbing they were set the task of painting the wall red and my bondage frame black. It was plain to see that some of these guys had never picked up a paint brush in their lives preferring instead to rely on professional decorators to do the job. However after some careful instruction they managed to produce an ok job which, although it would probably have been quicker to do it myself, saved me the time and effort of doing so.

Lunch was as usual in the local Kro bar and kindly paid for by T who was allowed to join us but did not eat. Just a coffee for him!! After lunch it was time for a second coat of paint and once again Toby brought his needles with him so we had a bit of fun giving him and T a little prick!! The afternoon session was finished off with some foot worship and massage which was a welcome relief for two Mistresses in killer heels all day!

Sunday was Kage day, eagerly looked forward to by Miss Beth and I and of course our respective boys. j had been a bit poorly on the friday but had perked up in time for Kage so we were looking forward to some fun. However I think most of the North West had the same idea, Kage was packed!! We managed to find a private room to do a little teasing in but it was too cramped for anything more than that so we settled down to wait for space in the dungeon. However, a girl can only wait so long and with little chance of even getting near the dungeon equipment I set off in search of a quiet corner somewhere. We happened across the Roman Orgy room which was just being vacated by another set of players and I decided the pillars would make ideal whipping posts. j was sent of to fetch Miss Beth and our toy bag so we could set about satisfying our sadistic inclinations. I managed to have a quick play with Miss Beths new flame thrower (a dragons tongue single tail) which leaves some lovely, if transient, flame like marks and have decided its a must have for my play room.

Normally after playing we would have had a dip in the pool but it was so crowded we decided to give it a miss and headed off home stopping at McDonalds on the way home to satisfy other pressing hungers!!

All in all it was a good weekend and as an added bonus at Kage I met the very first sub I ever played publicly with and he still remembered me even after being off the scene for a while (nothing to do with me....honest!!) I think thats a good thing lmao


We see lots of images of stern Dominatrixes weiding whips to control their minions, the internet is full of adverts for Mistresses who will shout and scream abuse to gain control. To me control is much simpler than that, control is a state of mind. It is the state of mind of both persons concerned and it is beautiful. I found this pic on Spit is Me on tumblr and I think it says it all.

There is no shouting or screaming, no whips or chains and yet she is clearly in control, he is her plaything her toy

Friday, 21 September 2012

Slave Camp #2

Although the numbers for the first Slave Camp were small, everyone had such a good time we have decided to hold another. Yes number 2 Slave Camp will be held on Friday 28th September. Sessions as before 10am to 12 noon and 1pm to 3pm. Tributes will also remain the same just £30 for a two hour service, £10 deposit payable in advance to hold your place.

For more details see the Slave Camp tab at the top of the page

Monday, 17 September 2012

Mannequin Time

As most of you know my boy j suffers from PTSD and from time to time he has panic attacks. Over the last week or so he has been grumpy and unfocussed and I suspected something was brewing. Sure enough Friday saw a full blown panic attack emerge which took a while to calm down. After it was over I decided to trance j to relax him and release all the stress that had built up and afterwards he was much calmer.

Something we had been meaning to try for a while but time did not allow is turning him into a mannequin. I quite like the idea of having a mindless doll at my disposal to do with as I please, so this morning I decided it was time to give it a try.

I am always amazed at the speed and ease that j goes into trance and this morning was no different. I teased him for a while stroking his forehead without giving the trance command but eventually I did and he fell like a ton of bricks. Good job he was lying down lol. So anyway after a few deepeners to make sure he was nicely relaxed and receptive I placed the trigger and instructions for him to become a mannequin. I have always wondered what the effects of this would be and I have to say I was very pleased with the outcome. j's expression was blank and his eyes glassy just like the shop window dummies you see. I had told him he would have no feelings, emotions or thoughts other than what I told him to have so of course the first emotion I gave him was happiness and a small grin spread across his lips, next (sorry I just couldn't resist) I told him he was horny. Guess what! his cock sprang to attention bursting a couple of buttons on his fly lmao, needless to say I was very pleased with this effect!! I spent a little while longer putting him into various positions, I even sang a couple of nursery rhymes to him putting him into positions suitable to the rhymes which was great fun. Then I brought him out of trance and asked how it was for him. He said it was a blank and he didnt really remember anything except for feeling happy and that he felt incredibly horny. Hmm wonder how that happened!! lol

Well a hypnotist needs to eat so we went off for lunch at the local cafe and on the way home j stopped and looked at me with a funny look "You made me do the teapot didnt you" he groaned I couldn't help but laugh at the embarrassment on his face.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Our First Slave Labour Camp

Some of you may have noticed my page about our new sessions for Slave Labour Camp, well we held our first one last friday. We (Miss Beth and I) had two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

We were both very nervous and excited at the prospect our stomaches churning with anticipation. Three slaves had booked in which we felt was quite good for a first time. The morning session was just one slave who we shall call "wanker" as he is a self confessed wanker!!

So 10am rolled around and wanker duly arrived and was shown in by j to the dungeon room where Miss Beth and I were waiting for him. Introductions were made and he was instructed to strip, I have to say I was very impressed with the way he neatly folded all his clothes and placed them in a tidy little bundle on top of his shoes in the corner of the room, I felt this boded well for his capabilities with his chores and I was not wrong!!

Next followed a close inspection, we were pleased to note how nicely shaven his bits were and how attractive his smooth bottom was. He had had considerable experience of service before and when told to present he knew what to do. We then led him to the kitchen, on his hands and knees, where the cups and plates from earlier were waiting to be washed and put away and he was set to work. And work he did! I have never been so impressed with a slaves attention to detail, however I did manage to find a few bits he had missed for which he duly apologised and put right immediately. I felt safe to leave him to his work for a few minutes to see what j was up to, I didnt want him to think he was getting away with anything just because there was someone else doing his work!! I found him lazing in a corner day dreaming so I set him to work holding up the post of my bondage frame......with his nose!....while I tried a few of the sapling canes we had cut from the cherry tree in my garden the day before on his backside, his verdict....Ouch they sting!!

Back to wanker to find he had almost finished the kitchen, I do love watching a man on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor, it brings a warm moist feeling to my nether regions!! His next job was the hall where Miss Beth had him licking the skirting boards clean amongst other things. Periodically we would call him into the dungeon room to perform a song and dance for our entertainment, he made a very entertaining teapot after a little prompting with the words although his dancing skills need some work! As his work had been so good we decided he should be allowed to live up to his name and put on a wanking demonstration for us so he was led to the bathroom and instructed that if he could get the extractor fan to gleam he would be allowed to wank. Well needless to say I now have the cleanest shiniest fan in the world!! He was allowed to wank to completion lying on the bathroom floor that he had just cleaned.

So that was the morning session and after a hurried lunch we looked forward to the afternoon session with much enthusiasm

Two subs had booked in for the afternoon, toby and max, max arrived first and came in chatty and confident, its amazing how stripping infront of two Mistresses can deflate a mans cockiness lmao. Again a close inspection took place with a little nipple tweeking and slapping of a nice smooth backside until toby arrived with his bag of tricks. Apparently toby had been training for the slave olympics in the weight lifting catagory so he gave us a demonstration of chains and weights attached to his scrotum piercing which was highly amusing. Then they were both set to work, toby in the massage room and max to finish off the bathroom, max seemed to be easily distracted especially by standing up close to him and blowing in his ear!! pinching his nipples also seemed to distract him somewhat so it was decided to place him in nipple clamps while I whipped his backside a little. toby meanwhile was dutifully continuing with his chores and I watched him scraping wax from the skirting boards with a warm glow rising in my clit. I cant explain how good it feels to see a man on his knees working to please me, to me it is complete submission, due to his medical history toby expected nothing in return simply the pleasure of pleasing Miss Beth and I with a job well done.

Once these chores were done toby entertained us with some more weight lifting and eventually max was allowed to wank with his head on Miss Beths lap. Then as a final surprise toby asked if we would like to have a try at sticking needles into his scrotum. Now needles is something I have never really hankered to do even after watching a demonstration a couple of weeks ago, however it seemed rude to say no so we both had a go at sticking one needle into him. I'll admit it was a lot easier to pierce the skin than I imagined it would be and I think I have found a new kink!! j by the way ran screaming to the hills when I said I enjoyed it but Im sure I can talk him round!!! lmao.

So that was our first Slave Camp. It was so much fun we have decided to hold them regularly, probably the last friday of each month although that may be subject to change. So boys line up, book in and come and have some fun with us.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Upsetting the Daily Routine!!

Im not a great fan of routines but I understand the necessity for them. I worry that routine means dull and boring and can lead to getting in a rut. However the up side of having a daily routine is the fun I can have upsetting it, for instance my boy gets up, walks the dogs, makes the coffee and brings mine up to me in bed. This morning I decided to get up before he came back with the dogs and go out into the garden for a smoke. I heard him come back and put the kettle on so once the coffee was ready I went back inside just in time to catch him heading for the stairs. It was just a small thing but the look of confusion on his face was priceless, especially after I told him I would have my coffee after my shower.

I like surprises, nothing huge, just little things that break up the routine enough to stop me getting bored. I like to plan them and spring them at the most opportune time, the time that causes the most confusion or exasperation in my boy. I love the look on his face that says "You've done it again, havent You" I think deep down I should be a bratty sub but I really dont fancy the punishments I'd get if I were a sub and Im sure I'd get plenty as Im not good at doing as I'm told!!

On to other things that have happened over the last week or two, my boy is a bit of a happy snapper, always taking pics wherever we go and he has a huge collection of snaps he has taken over the years. Recently he decided to put them all together in a collection on Flickr which got them a lot of attention and a suggestion was made that they could be commercially viable. So ever the attention whore he put them up on a fine art site and has has a lot of interest in them. Yesterday he made his first sale so big congratulations to him. If you are interested you can see his prints here

A couple of new slaves have entered my service over the last couple of weeks, nico is not really submissive in the general sense of the word but he likes to treat me from time to time and to adore me from afar, more a sort of sugar daddy type thing but he is fun to have around. joe on the otherhand is deeply submissive and craves control and although not vastly experienced I am getting to know him slowly and pushing his limits a little. He seems to be thriving on his experiences so far and Im looking forward to see what he is capable of achieving.

Friday, 3 August 2012

For All You Service Subs

My good friend Miss Beth and I have decided there is a need for a special session for all the service slaves out there and so we have decided to hold a regular Slave Camp at my chambers. If there is enough interest and participation we will be holding it on a monthly basis....probably the last Friday of each month. The first camp will be on Friday 31st August 2012 and you can find all the details on the tab at the top of the page - Slave Labour Camp.

No special expertise is required but if you have a trade you think may be of use to us or if you happen to be a good amateur at anything useful do let us know

Learning the Rules

Tomorrow I drive up to Scotland and bring j home with me on Sunday. This will be the last rip I make to Scotland as this time j will not be returning there but staying here with me. I have to say I am looking forward to not having to say goodbye after a few days and to be able to continue his training uninterupted.

As far as his training goes, with view to his moving here I have upped it a bit in order for him to get used to my way of doing things. Last time he was here his new metal chastity device had just arrived and so a lot of time was spent getting him used to it and lengthening the time he wore it. It went so much better than when he was wearing the plastic devices and after a couple of days he had it on for 24 hour stints at a time. I have to admit though that I missed having his cock available to play with whenever the whim took me without faffing about unlocking him, and so I have come to the conclusion that chastity is something we will play with on a more part time basis in his case.

j is not a pain slut by any means and so to curb a few of his habits which really annoy me I imposed a punishment regime where he earned a demerit point for each time he was caught doing something which annoyed me, for each demerit point he was to receive a agreed upon number of lashes with my new snake whip. We finally agreed on 3 lashes per point (after he tried for 1 lash and I countered with 5!!!!) The punishments were carried out each morning on arrival at my chambers, he had to tell me how many demerits he had earned, apologise for them then drop his pants and assume the position to receive his lashes. Afterwards he was to thank me for administerinng his punishment and making him a better slave. It seemed to work very well as after a day or two he was much better behaved and had a constant reminder each time he rather gingerly sat down!!

My other slaves are all doing well with their training, geraldine continues to please in small ways, his progression is slow but sure and his uncertainty of his capabilities is endearing and I enjoy showing him he is capable of so much more. Each step he takes along his chosen path he takes with almost childlike delight and wonderment which makes him a pleasure to own. alexa continues to be a brat but he is also learning that brattish behaviour does not get him what he wants and slowly but surely he is learning what being a submissive is all about. Its about what I want not what he wants!!

A recent addition to my stable is fido, fido is a young pup who is full of enthusiasm and enjoys his training to the max. He is learning his new commands such as sit, down, roll over and, my personal favourite, beg!! He is also learning to walk on a leash and eat his meals from a bowl on the floor, even when he is not in my presence. He is, at the moment, only allowed water to drink which he must drink either from a bowl when at home or a bottle when he is out. As a special treat when he visits he is allowed some of my special Mistress Champagne to drink but only if he is a very well behaved little puppy.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Further Adventures Of....

So its taken a little time to get over the events of my previous post but we are getting there. j is working hard to rebuild the trust that was lost but I'm still much happier when he is by my side and I know what hes up to lol. But then I'm always happier when he is by my side!! I have still not returned his collar and think it will be a while yet before I do even though I know how much he misses it. He is up in Scotland at the moment and it is a testing time for me, he swears he has had no contact from the other "lady" and although I do believe him there is still a little part of my brain thats says "Ah yes but he said that before"

I would like to add that I have had many messages of support since I posted my last blog, many from people I dont even know, and I would like to thank those people from the bottom of my heart for their kind words and best wishes.

Anyway, on to more fun news. I have two new slaves in my stable and both are pleasing me no end but for different reasons. The first, who I shall name geraldine for the sake of this blog, is what I can only describe as a gentle person. He tries his very best to do as I ask to the best of his abilities but although he has had past experiences with other Mistresses he is a little naieve in some of the ways of a D/s relationship and I find I have to take things quite slowly with him. He repeats his mantra religiously and texts me to tell me its done and I get regular email updates of his progress which give me an interesting insight into his mind and emotions which I love. He is at present learning the joys of edging which is a first for him as although he has had his orgasms controlled before it has been without that constant arousal that edging brings with it. I am interested to see how he fares with it.

My second new slave, Alexa, is a whole different kettle of fish. He is far more demanding of my time and is constantly texting requests to play with MY cock, needless to say most of them are refused!! Alexa needs to learn self control and so his training is pointed in that direction. On the up side although his constant whining is irritating at times at other times he makes me laugh with his pathetic whinging. He can be hard work but he keeps my mind active as I constantly have to come up with things to take his mind off MY cock, and he did send me a stethoscope which I had on my wish list and have some devious ideas for use in play!!

So between the two of them they have reasonably successfully kept my mind busy while j has been away but all being well he will be back on Thursday and I can relax again.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Broken Promises and Healing the Rifts

Lots has happened since I last wrote in here, some good, some bad. Im not normally a negative blogger but I want to get the bad bits off my chest so you lucky readers will have to bear the brunt.

Last week my boy was at a therapy centre for ex servicemen suffering with mental health problems (I've written before about his PTSD) He was doing well and keeping in contact when he could (the phone and internet signal was awful!!) However on Thursday I received a message from an ex mistress of his with whom I have had a previous "incident" she apologises for being the bearer of bad news and proceded to send me screen shots of several conversations she has had with j over the previous 2 weeks. Needless to say they were pretty damning for him and pretty heartbreaking for me. The worst one was a picture he sent after she asked him to wank for her with his cock lying in a big pool of cum. He was at this point supposed to be denied orgasms and on the honour system of chastity. This was the first broken promise!!

He was due to visit me when he was discharged from the centre on the Sunday so over the next few days I skirted round the subject and dropped a few hints giving plenty of opportunity for him to come clean and tell me the truth. I told him again and again how important honesty was to me and to any relationship I was in but he still refused to acknowlege any wrong doing, and so I put into action my plan for revenge. Any man who could lie to me so easily did not deserve my love or my mercy!

I told him I had a welcome home surprise waiting for him and boy did I!! I teased him for days about it getting him more and more excited but refusing to say what it was. So dear readers "What was it?" I hear you ask.

I took him straight to my chambers rather than going home first. I tied him to the bed, smiled and told him to wait for me. I then went into the other room where he had left his clothes and rifled through until I found his phone.....bugger she must have told him what she had sent to me as he had deleted all conversations with her. No matter I had copied everything she had sent and had it all ready on my laptop to read to him but first I gave him one more chance to come clean. He didn't take it.

Starting from the top I began reading making sure I emphasised all the hahaha's and lol's so that he knew just how funny it was to cheat on me. He begged me to stop, swore he was sorry and admitted he'd made a huge mistake but as I told him I had had to read it all so the least he could do was listen to it. This was when he discovered how strong my bed tie was lol no amount of squirming or struggling could set him free.

Eventually he broke down and told me the whole story. No need to go into it here but suffice to say the "lady" in question was not quite the good samaritan she had painted herself initially and had taken a fair bit of advantage of his delicate state of mind.

So eventually I was left with a decision to make.....who to I keep him around or do I pack him off back to the station and never see him again. In order for any possibility of him staying I had to hear him tell her he wanted no more to do with her. However, before I could ask him to do this he grabbed his phone and did just that which took the wind out of my sails somewhat lol. There followed a couple of hours of soul searching and talking and crying....from both sides.

The outcome was a last chance to prove his honesty and loyalty and to make up for the broken heart he had caused me. I have to say my trust took a severe blow and will take some time to be restored. The "lady" in question has reverted to insults and mud slinging and has tried on a few occasions to contact j again but so far he has blocked her where he can and ignored here where he cant. I know from his past experiences with this woman that this has taken great resolve from him, for some reason she scares him into compliance. She has mental health issues of her own and appears to be very volatile and unstable. My big concern now is that when he returns home and is alone again she will try to wriggle her way back in, I hope I can give him the stregnth to stand up to her.

j is by no means forgiven yet and I have removed his collar until such time that I feel he deserves it again but he is working hard to restore my faith in him.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Catching Up

Ive been a little busy lately and have continued to neglect my bog so here is a post about what Ive been up to.

I spent a few days up in Scotland with my boy for his birthday and whilst I was there decided to investigate his secret desires for public humiliation. Starting slowly he was told to address everyone he spoke to as Ma'am or Sir which as I was the only person around at the time he thought was going to be easy. Little did he know I had a little shopping trip planned!! First stop was the local supermarket where I nudged him up to the checkout with a quick reminder in his ear and he managed to mumble a quick thank you Mm as he paid. Of course this wasn't nearly good enough so I upped the stakes and instructed him to wish each person we past on the street a "Good morning Ma'am/Sir and to make it clearly audible. Bless him he did this but he got redder and redder each time. Im pretty sure most people thought he was just being well mannered but he knew why he was doing it and of course I kept reminding him why he was doing it which made matters worse for him.

The following day we went to a country park where there where a few jubilee celebrations going on, we had a stroll around and then saw a quiet wooded area to investigate. We were completely alone so I instructed him to drop his pants and hug a tree, as we were alone he had no excuse not to but I could see the thought "what if" cross his mind. The mental squirming was a delight to watch!!

As he is still off work we decided he should come back home with me when it was time for me to return so there followed a week of more teasing and torment for him to make up for the orgasm he was allowed on his birthday. He was even used for some forced bi sessions in my chambers during the week so by the time he was set to return to Scotland he had very full balls again. He is now 11 days denied and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I love to watch the concentration on his face when he is inside me giving me pleasure but unable to take any for himself. I also admire his stregnth of will as so far there have been no accidental slip ups no matter how hard I tease!!


So I bit the bullet recently and finally joined the social networking revolution. Yes I joined Twitter!! I did join a few years ago but my skills with technology are practically zero so it was pretty unsuccessful, however, with the help (constantly) of my slave j I have joined again and now seem to be understanding it a bit more.

I have come across some interesting people while on there along with the usual crazies lol but all in all it has been a fun experience so far. I think I will keep it up so anyone wishing to follow me will find me at @misstillysue. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Its Been A While

Yes I know, its been a while since I posted anything on here but in my defence its been wonderfully sunny and hot and that made me incredibly lazy!!

j visited again last week and we spent some quality time together exploring our kinks which involved lots of tease and denial for him (evil grin). Although to be fair he also had a few orgasms and not all of them ruined!! Talking of ruined orgasms, we had a hypnosis session where I placed  a suggestion that on a certain command his orgasm would ruin itself. I wasn't too sure how well this would work out but the only way to find out was to test it so I teased him for an hour or two until he was desperate to cum then gave him permission but with the ruin command. I continued to stimulate his cock at the level required for orgasm and he duly complied, however, his cum just oozed out in a slow dribble and pooled around the base of his cock. Needless to say I was ecstatic that my hypnotic suggestion had worked so well, it certainly takes away the pressure of catching him just at the right moment!! I am loving hypnosis more and more and finding ever more ways of using it to enhance our D/s relationship.

A trip to our good friend Miss Beth offered the opportunity to play with the hypnosis a bit more but on a more fun level. Poor j had numb legs, sticky out thumbs and a hand that slapped his own face, but he amused two dommes no end!!

On a personal level I have decided its time to do something about my failing fitness levels and so have bitten the bullet and joined the gym. My first session was an induction where a very fit young man showed me the ropes and suggested suitable machinery to use. I have to admit my mind was distracted by the thought of strapping him down to one of the big rubber balls he made me balance on and taking my flogger to him (more evil grins) However, I was very well behaved and completed my work out instead!! I thought I did pretty well for a first timer......that was until I realised someones sick joke of putting the changing rooms on the second floor. It didn't seem so bad before the work out but after.....Oh my!!!!!!

Just incase the sun keeps me away from the laptop for a few more days you can always follow me on Twitter....@MissTillysue

Monday, 21 May 2012

Erotic Hypnosis

My boy j has been with me again this week and during past visits we have introduced a little erotic hypnosis to our play times. j is a very good victim.......err subject!! lol. We have built up a trust over the past months and he now goes into trance easily and quickly which makes my job sooooooo much easier.

We have played around with a few post hypnotic suggestions, the main one being hypnotic edging. Just using two words (which I cant mention here as it works even if he reads the words Ive written) I can take him right to the very edge of orgasm, that point where just one more stroke would push him over and I can keep him there until I give him the release command.

Needless to say I have had much fun with this over the past couple of weeks, taking him to that place when he least expects it or there is a possibility of being seen, then releasing him just in the nick of time!! It is quite a useful deterrant aswell....the threat of that place can bring him back into line at almost any time!!

Today I thought it about time to add a little extra to our session so I guided him into trance again, reinforced the edging suggestion and added a couple more. The first was permission to have a full orgasm with all the expected feelings and emotions, the second was to have a ruined orgasm with all the frustration that that brings with it.

Obviously I had to test them out to see if they worked so I opted for the ruined orgasm first. I edged him manually untill he was begging for release then when he could hold back no more I gave the command for a ruin whilst continuing to stimulate his cock and waiting to see what would happen. I was overjoyed to observe his cum spurt from the end of his cock but his body deflate with frustration and then a continuous slow dribble of cum pooling on his belly despite the continued stimulation.

End result.........One very frustrated slave and one very happy Mistress!!!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Week With My Boy

j surprised me with a spur of the moment request to visit which I was only too pleased to accept. So he arrived Wednesday evening after a quick dash to pick him up from a different station due to delays causing him to miss a connection.

Once home we spent the rest of the evening just cuddling up and reacquainting ourselves with each others body before heading off to bed and a more personal welcome!

Thursday is shopping day and lunch in town with my mum so j got to taste the delights of the local supermarket. Its amazing how many kinky things you can find in a supermarket when you really look lmao. In the evening I took him to my apartment for some kinky play where I introduced him to my new single tail (something he had been fearing for a while). He learned that single tails can be sensuous too!!

Friday was a quiet day workwise so I took the opportunity to introduce j to the delights of erotic hynosis. This is something we had both been looking forward to but not had the time to indulge in until now. I was just in the middle of putting j under when the phone rang breaking the spell so we had to start all over again (this time with the phone switched off) it turned out that j is an excellent victim.....errr subject for hypnosis, he has complete trust in me to keep him safe and so went very easily into trance. I did a couple of deepeners to get him really deep and then placed a post hypnotic suggestion to retrance on command. The proof of the pudding, so to speak, would be if the suggestion worked after I brought him out of trance, I am very pleased to say it did and he went back under immediately. This time while he was under I described a scene to him where I took him right to the edge of orgasm and held him there, his physical body was reacting to the words very well so I placed another post hypnotic suggestion to take him back to that place on command. Much fun was had with this over the next couple of days!!

Saturday we were invited to a fetish party at the Cottage where it was lovely to meet and chat with like minded people. We had some playtime in their purpose built dungeon but it was a little chilly (thats code for bloody freezing) and j didn't really get into the right headspace so we cut it short and headed for warmer climes. We had a little more fun with his post hypnotic suggestion (much to his embarrassment lmao) Earlier in the evening I had reinforced the suggestion and also made it last until I gave him a release command as over time it had faded to just a couple of seconds, so now I could make his torment last as long or short as I wished........insert evil grin!!!

As it was a bank holiday weekend we decided to take my kids to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the Monday and not being a fan of big rides I was pleased to see that j was so he was given the job of escorting the kids on the rides leaving me free to laugh at the pictures of them screaming lmao. It was a lovely day full of family fun and smiles all round that even the rain and blustery wind couldn't spoil.

Tuesday was spent recouperating from the excitement of the previous day until the evening when we went to visit Miss Beth and her husband who has also been experimenting with erotic hypnosis. Of course one thing led to another and I just had to demonstrate how willing a victim.....errrr subject j was. For a bit of fun I suggested to j while he was in trance that when he woke he would find everything he saw or heard to be hilariously funny and I have to say that he outlaughed the laughing clown at blackpool the previous day. Miss Beth and I were laughing so hard I struggled to give him the release command for him to stop!!

And then it was Wednesday again and time for him to leave, but this time he was leaving to set things in motion for a permanent return. Earlier in the week he had dropped down onto one knee and asked me to become his wife. Even with this sweetener (or maybe because of it) it was still the most difficult goodbye yet and we both had tears in our eyes as we pulled up at the station

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Spanking Good Time

Its some time since I have done a purely punishment spanking but the opportunity arose the other day and once I got into my stride I realised how much I have missed it.

Peter arived at my chambers and was immediately put on his knees and required to spill the beans on all his transgressions. Turns out he had been a very bad boy!! His dirty perverted mind had been running in overtime.

I put him on all fours with his forhead touching the floor which raised his bottom temptingly high in the air. He was then required to ask politely for his punishment. I started with bare hand spanking requiring him to thank me after each stroke and ask for another harder one which I of course happily supplied. After about five or ten minutes of this my hand was beginning to sting a bit so I moved on to a leather paddle and peter was told to say "Thank you Miss Tilly I am a dirty pervert and deserve to be punished" after each stroke. Pretty soon his bottom was a lovely glowing pink and it was time for another change of implement, out came the riding crop. I love my riding crop it has a chunky piece of leather on the end and makes a satifying thwack as it lands so throughly enjoyed 10 or 15 minutes with that before moving on to a nice heavy flogger.

By the time he left peters bottom was glowing bright red and he was sobbingly grateful for his punishment. Personally I hope he is a bad boy again soon!!!! lmao

Monday, 23 April 2012

Back Into The Swing

So j has returned to Scotland and I am back to work in my chambers. It was a little difficult at first to get my head around j not being here but I had a visit from one of my tribute slaves on Saturday which helped.

This particular slave likes to be tied in tight bondage and teased unmercifully for an hour or two.....right up my street lmao. So the straight jacket got an airing and he was tied to the upright on the frame while I teased him for a while, after that I brought out the violet wand and gave him a going over with that too (I love to see a cock jump as it is zapped!!) I toyed with the idea of bringing the e stim out aswell but decided instead to try a little post orgasm torment so he was moved to the bench and firmly tied down while I stroked him to orgasm and beyond. I was hoping for another orgasm but it was not to be this time and I had to settle for the anguished moans of an over sensitive cock!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Catching Up

Its been a few days since I wrote anything here so I thought I'd better write it all down before I forget!! Since my last post I spent days worrying about j and his PTSD until finally I could get up to Scotland to see him (312 miles with only one wrong turn....pretty good I thought!!) It was wonderful to have him close again.

It was the first time we had spent the entire time together without my having to dash off to see to the family and it was a time of close bonding. On Friday we went to see a friend of his and spent some time relaxing and drinking wine after which I bought him some new pillows for his bed (much as I adore him I couldn't spend another night on the ones he had!) Saturday we visited Edinburgh Zoo just being normal and vying for who could come up with the best (or worst) animal pun, I never realised there were so many lmao. The nights were the best though, lying in his arms in the afterglow of multi orgasms (mine not his) was pure heaven and to wake in the morning and hear his breathing was the most comforting feeling I have ever known.

Sunday came all to quick, as usual, and much as I'd hoped he would make the return trip with me it was not possible so I drove home alone and missing him more with every mile. Today though he makes the trip by train and soon he'll be back with me where he belongs.

Also today I'm having a visit from my friend Miss Beth, I'm looking forward to catching up on all the gossip I missed while I was away

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Problem With Long Distance Relationships

I have always been a little wary of LDR's, they seem fraught with difficulties and problems but my boy charmed me into giving this one a go. However of all the problems I foresaw I have now encountered one that I never imagined.

My boy lives in Scotland and is approximately five to six hours drive from me and until six years ago was a full time member of the Armed Forces. He saw combat in many of the major wars this country has been involved in and at eighteen years old experienced things that no person should have to. Those experiences have over the last ten years caused him to suffer post traumatic stress disorder.

The last few days I sensed something was wrong, he's been much quieter than usual and there seemed to be something flat about him, finally today he told me the ptsd had flared up again.

So my problem is my boy is suffering and I'm too far away to comfort him. I am going up to visit on Thursday but I need to be there now, I need to hold him in my arms and tell him I am there for him. Beam me up Scotty!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Action - Reaction

After a double domme session with Miss Beth yesterday we were sat having lunch in my favourite cafe bar discussing how it had gone and what we liked and disliked about it.

Both our tastes run to the mildly sadistic and impact play constitutes a fair proportion of our playtimes. This worries a few subs/slaves as they fear they will disappoint by not being able to "take" enough pain, some subs will take pain stoically, trying not to react to the sting or keep their reactions to a minimum.

To my mind it is the reactions I seek and I believe Miss Beth feels the same way. I love the sharp intake of breath as the whip kisses the skin, the flinch as a flogger stikes, the wince as the cane strokes and the moan as my fingers curl around his scrotum. To me the reactions are the whole point behind impact play, I dont need to inflict pain for pain sake. I love to inflict just enough pain to cause a reaction whether this takes three light strokes with a paddle or a hundred strokes of the cane makes no difference, if the reaction is honest then I am just as pleased and excited either way, and you can be sure that an honest reaction will cause severe moistness in my dommly knickers!!!! ;-)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Controlling from afar

Finacial slavery is something that has interested me for some time but Im afraid to say a good financial slave is very difficult to come by. Most who have contacted me with regards to this fetish have had no idea of what it entails and think that by depositing £20 in my paypal account they have 24 hour access to my phone and email account in order to demand attention from me, and then ignore any commands they dont like or cant be bothered with.

However, my present financial slave, who for the purpose of this blog I will call penny, seems to have cottoned on pretty fast to what is entailed and has embraced the control I am gradually taking over his life.

One of the first rules I gave him was to recite a mantra four times a day and to text me when he has completed each one. He has been very precise and has not failed to complete this each day. At first he was a little confused as to the purpose of this exercise but did it anyway, before long however, he realised how reciting the mantra was focusing his mind and creating a ritualistic worship time during his day. I asked him to write a short report on how this made him feel and to email it to me today. I received a proud text yesterday telling me he had completed the task early. Now to some this may seem like a good thing but to me he had not followed instructions so it was a failure. He was tasked to write 200 times "I must follow instructions" as punishment and to email this to me this morning. This time he got it right!!

His second rule was other than his household utility bills and mortgage any purchase over £20 he wished to make he must ask permission for first. To my surprise and I have to say pleasure, he replied that he rarely makes purchases over £20 and suggested lowering the limit to £10, which of course I did and as a treat for him I added a new rule: Any time he wants a cigarette or alcoholic drink he is to ask permission.

I am very pleased with the way he is adapting to my control and focusing on my desires and that is why I decided to write this blog about him, to show my pleasure in owning him and to give some of the wannabe financial slaves some idea of what it is all about.

A Busy Weekend

So Friday saw the arrival of my monthly tribute from my financial slave and so another shopping trip was arranged with Miss Beth. Off I went to pick her up (managed not to get lost this time too....bonus!!) and before very long we were surrounded by lovely things begging to be bought.

First stop was of course the shoe shops, Miss Beth has a pair of boots which I have liked for some time so the first purchase was a similar pair but in black leather as opposed to patent leather. The second purchase was another pair of boots but this time with lacing up the front (a particular fetish of mine!!)

Next a serious decision had to be made......more shopping or lunch!! Miss Beth had a favourite shop she wanted to show me so lunch was delayed for a while. The favourite shop turned out to be Nice and Naughty and on entering the doors my breath was taken away by an array of beautiful corsets and lingerie, I was almost hyperventilating before I even got into the shop proper!!

Anyway to cut a very long story short we spent over an hour oagling, touching and sighing over the vast array of clothing and toys on offer and finally I got to the checkout with my arms full of lovely things to play with, a pvc skirt, a glass butt plug, a double paddle with heart cut outs and my favourite purchase a 3' bull whip in black and purple suede. We had great fun cracking the whip in the shop aswell and managed not to wreck any displays with it!!

So then it was on to lunch in a very nice chinese restaurant and a well earned sit down.

Yesterday I went to meet an Aussi friend of mine who was making an unexpected trip to England (and a few other countries too!) So it was a drop everything moment and dash off to meet her. We met at her hotel in Manchester and after a quick coffee there decided on lunch in canal street. My favourite bar, Via, was just opening and we were first to the bar, not that we are alchoholics or anything but this was the first time either of us had seen the place sober!!

When I left home the sun was shining and it was warming up nicely but by the time we had eaten
lunch the clouds had appeared and it was a bit chilly so a trip into the centre was called for to purchase some warmer clothing!!, then back to canal street for some chit chat before I had to make my way home.

All in all I spent some quality time with two of my favourite people.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I am happier than I can remember being for a very long time but at the same time I am sad, lonely, lost, gutted, bereft, heart broken.

My boy visited for the weekend with a trip to a fet club planned for Sunday (Kage....well worth a visit if you are in or visiting the Manchester area) Saturday was spent just the two of us getting to know each other again. I have to say I love the way his body responds to me, I can almost see it opening up and revealing its inner core. Needless to say several hours of touching teasing and denying his cock left me dripping wet and desperate to cum myself  so after a hasty retreat to the bedroom his tongue was soon working its magic and two fabulous orgasms followed in quick succession before it was back to teasing him some more.

Sunday dawned another beautiful sunny day but I didnt mind missing the sunshine one little bit. We would be spending the afternoon and evening at Kage, a chance to dress up and socialise with likeminded kinksters and of course make use of the dungeon in the basement!!  My friend Miss Beth and her boy were coming with us making two very happy dommes and two rather nervous slaves!!! After paying our entrance  I gave the others a quick guided tour of the pool room and dungeon and pointed out the private rooms and glory holes. We settled at a table and got some soft drinks in and chatted for a while taking in the scenery and ogling some of the kinky outfits on display. There was a couple of stalls selling toys and I couldn't resist some new hitty things, j paled a little when he saw what I'd bought but I promised to be gentle......ish. My new toys sat on the table while we chatted and socialised for a while but the temptation was just to great so I told j to get himself ready for some play and invited Miss Beth and her boy to come and join us.

j was tied onto the St Andrews Cross and Miss Beth's boy was put in charge of the camera and told to snap away. I could feel j's nerves, not being the greatest pain slut I think he was worried he would disappoint.......he didnt, not in the slightest. I was so proud of him. Miss Beth and I tag teamed him with floggers crops and my new hitty toys and he managed to channel the pain into an endorphin body orgasm which was a beautiful sight to see and filled my heart with pride and when we finished I couldn't help but hold him tight in my arms.

Unfortunately time had marched on as it has a habit of doing when you're enjoying yourself and Miss Beth and her boy had to leave so j and I went for some aftercare in the plunge pool.

We had another lovely day together on Monday but it went far too fast and before I knew it the time for him to return home had arrived but before he left I managed to fit in another hour of teasing his cock to breaking point and two ruined orgasms. Just a little something for him to remember me by!!!

On Monday evening I offered him my collar permanently, He smiled and went to make some coffee, two minutes later he was back with tears in his eyes asking if I had really said what he thought he had heard. It took a while to sink in but he got there eventually, he is now my collared slave.

So, I took him to the train station this morning to catch his train back to Scotland and I sit here writing this blog with tears in my eyes and feeling like my right arm is missing.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Oh Happy Day

I thought it would be good to balance the sadness in my last post with some happiness, and today is a very happy day!!

I have two reasons to be happy, firstly the other day I spent the day shopping and having lunch with my friend Miss Beth and finally managed to aquire a pair of those special shoes I was talking about in my last post. And Oh My are they special!!! They fit like a glove and caress my feet to perfection, they are shiny and red and just to put them on is a special event. Needless to say I have had one or two "special events" with them over the last day or two!

We also browsed a few shops other than the shoe shops and I picked up a couple of nice outfits which I may wear to an event we ar going to on Sunday. While browsing I came across a little present for my slave j, I haven't told him what it is yet but I'm sure he will love it..........or maybe not!!

That brings me to my second reason to be happy, j is visiting again this weekend and we are attending our first event together for which I am sure his present will come in handy **grin** I am so looking forward to seeing him again and can't wait to get him locked into his chastity device again ready for some more teasing. I love the look of concentration on his face when he is trying desperately not to get erect and the look of resignation when he knows he is going to fail.

For those interested here is a picture of my new shoes

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Sad Day

My local town centre has an abundance of shoe shops (luckily for me!!). Most of them sell the everyday variety of shoes, you know the comfy ones you wear for a day out or walking the dogs however, there are three that sell the type of shoes that make your eyes shine, bring a smile to your lips and make you (well me) a little moist between the legs!!

Anyway there was a pair of shoes in one of the everyday shoe shops that had taken my eye. They were definately not everyday shoes, they were navy blue, pink and purple (sounds grotesque but they weren't) they were beautiful and definately caused a little moisture. So today, armed with my crisp £20 notes from yesterdays post, I took myself off to purchase these wonders of shoemaking technology (would that be a load of cobblers do you think lol) and that was when the first bit of sadness hit me. Those orgasmic shoes didnt go up to my size!!!! The assistant advised me to try the next size down as their sizes are supposed to be larger than average so I did. They fitted ok on my left foot but the toes on my right foot were uncomfortably squashed. I considered putting up with the pain for the sake of beauty but it was too much even for me so I put them back with a sad heart.

Never mind I thought I'll find something in one of the three other shops that sell special shoes, so off I went. The first one had turned into a bag shop overnight without warning!! the second......a newsagent and the third closed, empty and shuttered!!! I came home empty handed, heavy hearted and very sad.

Boys you need to treat your ladies to more beautiful shoes so these shops dont have to close down and I can remain moist!!

Monday, 12 March 2012


I received an email the other day asking if I had considered offering financial domination for those slaves too far away to serve in person. I do offer financial domination as I consider this an extention of the control I love to have over my slaves. However, I find that the finacial fetish has more than its fair share of timewasters and flakes so I wasn't holding any great hopes of this one being real. My hopes sank a little more when I received a message saying he had sent a tribute on Thursday which should arrive luchtime Friday......which of course it didnt!!

I wasn't able to pick up my post over the weekend so it was a lovely surprise this morning to find a card in my post box with instructions to pick up a parcel from the local depot and, after signing for it, discovering lots of crisp new £20 notes inside.

My faith in financial slaves has been restored.......somewhat!!!!

Im off now to buy myself something nice.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

And So It Begins

So new boy came today for his first training session and I have to say I was very pleased with his manners and willingness. His first instruction was that while he was in my apartment he would remain on his knees unless told otherwise, he looked a bit startled but complied.

He was very nervous so like most newbies first port of call was the loo!! Once in the dungeon he was ordered to strip and we did a bit of training on his positions. I showed him how I wanted him to kneel and he discovered that his knees will spread much further than he thought they would. I sent him out of the room and told him to come back in and present himself properly, it took maybe four or five times before he did it to my satisfaction but he managed it eventually. Next he was dressed in collar and cuffs and a set of bondage mitts and then tied to the frame for a workout with my floggers. I was trying to guage what level of play he had done before so started gently and built it up to medium stregnth using three different weights of flogger. Once he warmed up his reactions were quite pleasing so I dropped one or two heavy blows in just for fun.

Next it was onto the spanking bench and the paddles and canes came out to play, he was still apprehensive and his gym trained butt was clenching giving the perfect target so whats a girl to do faced with that haha but I was very restrained and only left a few stripes on his backside!! I decided to give the straps an airing aswell so out came the studded one which made a lovely diamond pattern on his skin and then the chain belt, he wasn't too keen on that one though!

I transferred him onto the table and tied him down pretty tight, he certainly wasn't going anywhere. Out came the cbt sensation toys, lots of pointy, pokey, scratchy things to prod him with, it was at this point I decided to change his name to Mary Ann! At one point he was flinching before I even touched him!! Wonderfull what the mind can do.

All in all I got a pretty good idea about what he can and cant take so it was a productive session and something to build on for next time. Sadly I ran out of time before I got to try out my new violet wand but theres always next time.

Friday, 2 March 2012

New Boy on the Block

So I had an email last week from a boy who wanted some training to explore his submissive side. He is married and has experimented mildly with his wife but it seems the kink is embedded deeper in him than his wife so with her blessing he sought me out for some "extra" training.

He came for an interview last week and I found him to be respectful and serious about exploring this lifestyle so I agreed to begin training him and see where it led to. He comes tomorrow for his first session and all sorts of nasty things are going through my mind!! However, its his first session so I suppose I should be a little gentle on start with at least.

My new violet wand arrived today so all being well that may get a trial run (well a girl has to try out new toys doesn't she) I received a text the other day to say he was happy to receive marks so the floggers and canes will probably get an airing aswell and of course there will be rope and restraints. I think I better finish this blog before I get carried away and decide to use every toy in my dungeon.......evil grin!!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Afternoon delight

I had a visit from one of my slaves yesterday and it just so happened that a friend was visiting too. We decided it would be fun to gang up on him for a while!!

He came in and began to strip as usual but when he realised we were not alone he stopped at his boxers his cheeks flushing bright red haha. Come on boy, and the rest, I told him. We laughed at the embarrassed look on his face and the pink flush spreading to his neck but like a good boy he dropped his pants and stood for inspection. My friend and I had a good look and a poke around before telling him to kneel between us, we leaned over him and kissed above his head his cock springing immediately to attention.  Well of course this could not go unpunished!! erections without permission are strictly not allowed. There followed 45 minutes or so of double flogging and whipping while he licked our shoes and sucked our heels. Eventually we allowed him to wank but he was not given permission to cum until he got home, apparently he spent an awkward afternoon driving his van with a persistant hard on.   grins!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Fun Day Out

Its ages since I went on a kinky outing so, when I noticed Wirral Munch holding a play munch I asked my good friend Miss Beth if she fancied going and she agreed.

So yesterday I picked her and her slave husband up and off we went. It was Wirrals first play munch so we weren't sure what to expect but it turned out to be good fun. It was well organised and very friendly and we were warmly welcomed by Mibs and his girl.

For a first event it was well supported by both seasoned professionals and newbies alike. I didn't take any toys this time but there was plenty who did and we were treated to a couple of displays of flogging caning and ropework on the various pieces of equipment supplied.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and making lots of new friends and will definately be attending this event again.......even if we did have a nightmare road trip to get there!!!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Great Minds

I met up with a new friend for coffee on Friday. This was only the second time we had met but I am amazed at how similarly we think and how well we get on. It is one of those friendships where you instantly know that this person gets who you are and understands why you do the things you do.

We are opposites in the world of BDSM she has a submissive husband and does mainly online domination and I have a long distance relationship with a submissive boy but do mainly face to face sessions. However, I think our friendship will build and our interests will be shared making our experiences fuller and more rounded and therefore better for all concerned.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Far Too Quick!!

The weekend that is....  This weekend was the long awaited first visit of my new slave j. He travelled 7 hours to spend the weekend getting to know me an serving me, and I must say he did a pretty good job!

I picked him up Friday evening from his hotel and took him to my apartment where of course the first thing that happened was he was fitted with his cb device. He had been on the honour system up till then and from the dificulty we had getting the device on I believe that he hadn't touched it for the previous four weeks. Anyway with the help of plenty of lube we finally got his cock locked away safely, although it was straining at the cage so hard I thought it might snap!!

We sat down together for a get to know you chat, well I sat while he knelt at my feet, I couldn't resist letting my foot wander to feel the bulge of his cock cage now and then which seemed to have a strange effect on him!! From time to time I noticed his eyes wander to the gas mask hanging on the wall so knowing his penchant for rubber, I asked if he'd like to try it for size. He looked spectacular in it and I only wish I had remembered to bring my camera to capture the moment.

He returned to his place kneeling at my feet where I began to play with the air intake valve, blocking it for a few seconds to start with then gradually increasing the time he was without air. It wasn't too long before he was drifting off to that lovely place all subs/slaves yearn for. I kept this up for about 45 minutes untill he was well into subspace and then gently brought him back. He thanked me and said it was the first time he had done breath play without panicking which I took as a great compliment.

Once he was back in a near normal headspace we packed up and I took him back to his hotel to try his first night in enforced chastity......apparently the morning wood was the most difficult to deal with haha

Friday, 27 January 2012

Chastity - My view

I read posts everyday on various forms of the chastity lifestyle and it seems there are as many ways to live it as there are people actually living it, so I thought I would give a little run down on what chastity means to me.

Firstly to me chastity involves wearing a device. Yes I know they can be uncomfortable, they can get in the way sometimes, they take a bit of getting used to etc but I want my boys to go through that for ME. Chastity is something they do for ME not because it gives them a kick. The whole idea of the honour system does little or nothing for me I dont want you to not touch your cock because you are in control of your urges, I want you to not touch your cock because its mine and you are unable to. Just knowing that my boys are reminded of me everytime they walk or sit and feel the device between their legs or when they go for a pee and have to sit or take exercise and it pulls a bit, that is what turns me on. I want them to know and be reminded all day every day that it is MY cock and I control it.

Secondly, I read a lot of post from subs proudly claiming so many hundred days in their device and I think poor keyholder not having a cock to play with all that time. When I own a cock I want access to it whenever I feel like. That may be daily or it may be weekly or it may not be for a month or so, but when I have a toy I want to play with it regularly. Chastity to me means that my cocks are available when I want them its not a marathon to see how long you can survive without wanking, once I have a cock locked the only person who will ever wank it again is me.

I never decide in advance how long the device will stay on, how do I know that in seven days I will feel like playing with it? Also I want my boys to wonder if today is the day.......or not!! I like surprises. I like to tease. I like to deny. I like to be in control of when or if my boys get to orgasm.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

9 Days

J is a boy I am considering taking on as my personal slave and if all goes well a life partner. At the moment we are long distance but he is willing to relocate to be by my side.

We have been talking and texting for only a short time and normally I dont bother myself with boys who are more than an hours travelling time from me but I have to say there is something a little special about J.

Anyway, today he sent me a text with a picture of a train ticket and in 9 days he will be here at my feet and at my mercy!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my blog, as this is my first post here and anywhere else for quite some time I thought I would introduce myself and what I am all about.

I am a mature dominant woman and although I discovered BDSM fairly late in life, I realise that I have been dominant for as long as I can remember. My first memories of dominant behaviour where back in junior school, I would walk home with a boy in my class and took great delight in assuming the Mother role. By the time that boy reached his bus stop his backside and the back of his legs were pink to say the least!! That was my first experience of spanking but definitely not my last. Back then I cant say it was a sexual experience but the power rush was exhilarating and the feeling of total control was definitely habit forming!!

These days the desire for control is just as strong or maybe even stronger, even the thought of my boys kneeling in front of me giving that control to me to do with as I will makes me wet. It’s a feeling like no other. My sadistic side has matured with age but I still love to give a good over the knee spanking and slapping a boys legs leaves a warm glow. Inflicting pain on a willing boy is one of the joys of my life and my imagination is always running wild with new and ever more evil ways to do it.

Humiliation is something I found harder to come to terms with (see I have a soft side too!), however, the more I experimented with it the more pleasure I got from it, and as I recognised the need and indeed pleasure my victims received from it the more comfortable I got with it. I now spend a fair bit of time dreaming up new ways to humiliate my boys many of which no doubt will be recorded in this blog.

Another of my great joys is chastity and for me chastity has to entail wearing a device. I know that some submissives prefer the honour system but it is the enforcing of chastity which floats my boat. As I see it the honour system takes that control away from me and places it with the chastee and that is not what I am after at all. I want to be in control at all times.

About 3 and a bit years ago I decided to add professional dominatrix services to my ever expanding repertoire. I now have a dedicated play room in a lovely private apartment from which to work. I like to think I give value for the tribute I charge and will work with my boys to ensure their fantasies are fulfilled (so long as they are fulfilling mine first of course!!).