Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Yes OMG indeed!! I didnt realise how long I had been neglecting my blog for. I can only put it down to how busy Ive been with Christmas and new slaves etc.

Anyway I think I owe my readers a little catch up on a few of the things I have been up to lately. Slave Camp has been marching on and we held our fifth one at the end of January albeit on a new day due to Miss Beths change in circumstances. It was a fairly quiet one due to the post Christmas cash shortage and various ailments and bugs going round but it was definately not a boring one. One of my long standing slaves, c, decided to join us along with sven from an earlier camp and I have to say they did us proud. c was put to task brushing the play room floor, hands cuffed behind his back and brush in his mouth, he did an amazingly good job considering and I was very pleased with the effort he put in, sven meanwhile was sent off to clean the bathroom and also did a very good job. After the chores were completed it was entertainment time so sven recited some nursery rhymes for us and c did a very sexy slow dance which had Miss Beth and I in hysterics!! And so it was onto the punishment and reward. We had them both lined up, hands on the bench bottoms raised while we discussed how well they had done their chores and what had not been up to standard and then lashes with various whips and floggers were dished out. Afterwards they were allowed to wank to completion for us while we observed and commented on their techniques. c always brings chocolate and champagne when visiting me but a special thank you and some brownie points to him for bringing the same for Miss Beth too, mind you it didnt gain him any special favours lol but the thoughtfulness was appreciated.

I have been frequenting MARS (a fet club not the planet!!) recently, it is a wonderfull commuity club run by Evie aka The Rubberdomme and her team, where I have been made to feel really welcome and valued. During my visits there I have been able to explore the world of rubber fetish amongst other things. Rubber is something I have not really had the opportunity to explore too deeply before, I like the look of rubber on other people but dont really like the feeling of wearing it myself and so I had, rather shortsightedly, written it off as something I was not interested in as a whole. However my boy j is quite heavily into rubber and so as a treat we attended an all day rubber event where I discovered there is much more to rubber than just wearing it lmao. I discovered the joys of teasing my boy while he was helplessly trussed up in a rubber bondage sack and also the joys of taking him on an erotic hypno journey whilst he was immobilised in an inflatable rubber sack. These experiences changed my mind about rubber and left me wet and wanting more, so I immediately came home and ordered my very own rubber bondage sack and made enquiries about a second hand vaccuum bed. The down side is I have taken delivery of neither of them yet and I am getting quite impatient lol but when I do watch out rubber slaves Im coming to get ya!!!!!!

I also have a couple of new slaves in my stable, Sam is in chastity and I have to say thats the best place for him as a tiny weiner like his is little use for anything else!! So he was locked up yesterday during a skype session with me which turned out to be accidentally very humiliating for him. He is a youngish slave and still living at home with his parents who yesterday had other family members visiting. Each time he tried to drop his pants to attach his cock cage one of them would knock on his door and he would have to cover up quickly lol but eventually we managed to get him securely locked away.....or so we thought!! Turns out his weiner is sooooo tiny it fell out of the cage during the family evening meal, creating a somewhat unusual bulge in his trousers which he had to excuse himself to rearrange lmao. He is now going to have to pay me a visit to obtain the key to unlock the padlock so he can replace it, I cant wait to humiliate him in person!!!!

Well I think I have rabbitted on long enough for now, I'll do some more catching up soon....I promise!!

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