Monday, 1 April 2013

Total Enclosure

For years I have been an interested onlooker at the world of rubber. I love the look and smell of rubber but don't like the phaff and slimy feel of lubing up my clothing before being able to put it on!! And so I stood on the side lines admiring those that put in that extra latex effort to look wonderfully shiny.

However, about six months ago my boy and I joined a wonderful club in Manchester called M.A.R.S (Manchester Alternative Rooms) which is predominantly full of rubber and latex lovers so we joined as a treat for my boy who drifts off into sub space at the mere mention of rubber lol.

Over the months I have gradually come to appreciate the wonders of rubber bondage and the total control it gives to a dominant, control being one of my main fetishes!! I have even discovered chlorinated rubber and latex and am now tempted to invest in some clothing so I can look wonderfully shiny too, however, I have invested in some items which appeal to my control fetish and have bought a rubber sleep sack and a vac bed which my boy begs so prettily to be encased in!!! **grin**

I will be including these items in professional sessions so anyone interested in trying total rubber enclosure get in touch.....I'd love to control you!!!

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