Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Its Been A While

Yes I know, its been a while since I posted anything on here but in my defence its been wonderfully sunny and hot and that made me incredibly lazy!!

j visited again last week and we spent some quality time together exploring our kinks which involved lots of tease and denial for him (evil grin). Although to be fair he also had a few orgasms and not all of them ruined!! Talking of ruined orgasms, we had a hypnosis session where I placed  a suggestion that on a certain command his orgasm would ruin itself. I wasn't too sure how well this would work out but the only way to find out was to test it so I teased him for an hour or two until he was desperate to cum then gave him permission but with the ruin command. I continued to stimulate his cock at the level required for orgasm and he duly complied, however, his cum just oozed out in a slow dribble and pooled around the base of his cock. Needless to say I was ecstatic that my hypnotic suggestion had worked so well, it certainly takes away the pressure of catching him just at the right moment!! I am loving hypnosis more and more and finding ever more ways of using it to enhance our D/s relationship.

A trip to our good friend Miss Beth offered the opportunity to play with the hypnosis a bit more but on a more fun level. Poor j had numb legs, sticky out thumbs and a hand that slapped his own face, but he amused two dommes no end!!

On a personal level I have decided its time to do something about my failing fitness levels and so have bitten the bullet and joined the gym. My first session was an induction where a very fit young man showed me the ropes and suggested suitable machinery to use. I have to admit my mind was distracted by the thought of strapping him down to one of the big rubber balls he made me balance on and taking my flogger to him (more evil grins) However, I was very well behaved and completed my work out instead!! I thought I did pretty well for a first timer......that was until I realised someones sick joke of putting the changing rooms on the second floor. It didn't seem so bad before the work out but after.....Oh my!!!!!!

Just incase the sun keeps me away from the laptop for a few more days you can always follow me on Twitter....@MissTillysue

Monday, 21 May 2012

Erotic Hypnosis

My boy j has been with me again this week and during past visits we have introduced a little erotic hypnosis to our play times. j is a very good victim.......err subject!! lol. We have built up a trust over the past months and he now goes into trance easily and quickly which makes my job sooooooo much easier.

We have played around with a few post hypnotic suggestions, the main one being hypnotic edging. Just using two words (which I cant mention here as it works even if he reads the words Ive written) I can take him right to the very edge of orgasm, that point where just one more stroke would push him over and I can keep him there until I give him the release command.

Needless to say I have had much fun with this over the past couple of weeks, taking him to that place when he least expects it or there is a possibility of being seen, then releasing him just in the nick of time!! It is quite a useful deterrant aswell....the threat of that place can bring him back into line at almost any time!!

Today I thought it about time to add a little extra to our session so I guided him into trance again, reinforced the edging suggestion and added a couple more. The first was permission to have a full orgasm with all the expected feelings and emotions, the second was to have a ruined orgasm with all the frustration that that brings with it.

Obviously I had to test them out to see if they worked so I opted for the ruined orgasm first. I edged him manually untill he was begging for release then when he could hold back no more I gave the command for a ruin whilst continuing to stimulate his cock and waiting to see what would happen. I was overjoyed to observe his cum spurt from the end of his cock but his body deflate with frustration and then a continuous slow dribble of cum pooling on his belly despite the continued stimulation.

End result.........One very frustrated slave and one very happy Mistress!!!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Week With My Boy

j surprised me with a spur of the moment request to visit which I was only too pleased to accept. So he arrived Wednesday evening after a quick dash to pick him up from a different station due to delays causing him to miss a connection.

Once home we spent the rest of the evening just cuddling up and reacquainting ourselves with each others body before heading off to bed and a more personal welcome!

Thursday is shopping day and lunch in town with my mum so j got to taste the delights of the local supermarket. Its amazing how many kinky things you can find in a supermarket when you really look lmao. In the evening I took him to my apartment for some kinky play where I introduced him to my new single tail (something he had been fearing for a while). He learned that single tails can be sensuous too!!

Friday was a quiet day workwise so I took the opportunity to introduce j to the delights of erotic hynosis. This is something we had both been looking forward to but not had the time to indulge in until now. I was just in the middle of putting j under when the phone rang breaking the spell so we had to start all over again (this time with the phone switched off) it turned out that j is an excellent victim.....errr subject for hypnosis, he has complete trust in me to keep him safe and so went very easily into trance. I did a couple of deepeners to get him really deep and then placed a post hypnotic suggestion to retrance on command. The proof of the pudding, so to speak, would be if the suggestion worked after I brought him out of trance, I am very pleased to say it did and he went back under immediately. This time while he was under I described a scene to him where I took him right to the edge of orgasm and held him there, his physical body was reacting to the words very well so I placed another post hypnotic suggestion to take him back to that place on command. Much fun was had with this over the next couple of days!!

Saturday we were invited to a fetish party at the Cottage where it was lovely to meet and chat with like minded people. We had some playtime in their purpose built dungeon but it was a little chilly (thats code for bloody freezing) and j didn't really get into the right headspace so we cut it short and headed for warmer climes. We had a little more fun with his post hypnotic suggestion (much to his embarrassment lmao) Earlier in the evening I had reinforced the suggestion and also made it last until I gave him a release command as over time it had faded to just a couple of seconds, so now I could make his torment last as long or short as I wished........insert evil grin!!!

As it was a bank holiday weekend we decided to take my kids to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the Monday and not being a fan of big rides I was pleased to see that j was so he was given the job of escorting the kids on the rides leaving me free to laugh at the pictures of them screaming lmao. It was a lovely day full of family fun and smiles all round that even the rain and blustery wind couldn't spoil.

Tuesday was spent recouperating from the excitement of the previous day until the evening when we went to visit Miss Beth and her husband who has also been experimenting with erotic hypnosis. Of course one thing led to another and I just had to demonstrate how willing a victim.....errrr subject j was. For a bit of fun I suggested to j while he was in trance that when he woke he would find everything he saw or heard to be hilariously funny and I have to say that he outlaughed the laughing clown at blackpool the previous day. Miss Beth and I were laughing so hard I struggled to give him the release command for him to stop!!

And then it was Wednesday again and time for him to leave, but this time he was leaving to set things in motion for a permanent return. Earlier in the week he had dropped down onto one knee and asked me to become his wife. Even with this sweetener (or maybe because of it) it was still the most difficult goodbye yet and we both had tears in our eyes as we pulled up at the station

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Spanking Good Time

Its some time since I have done a purely punishment spanking but the opportunity arose the other day and once I got into my stride I realised how much I have missed it.

Peter arived at my chambers and was immediately put on his knees and required to spill the beans on all his transgressions. Turns out he had been a very bad boy!! His dirty perverted mind had been running in overtime.

I put him on all fours with his forhead touching the floor which raised his bottom temptingly high in the air. He was then required to ask politely for his punishment. I started with bare hand spanking requiring him to thank me after each stroke and ask for another harder one which I of course happily supplied. After about five or ten minutes of this my hand was beginning to sting a bit so I moved on to a leather paddle and peter was told to say "Thank you Miss Tilly I am a dirty pervert and deserve to be punished" after each stroke. Pretty soon his bottom was a lovely glowing pink and it was time for another change of implement, out came the riding crop. I love my riding crop it has a chunky piece of leather on the end and makes a satifying thwack as it lands so throughly enjoyed 10 or 15 minutes with that before moving on to a nice heavy flogger.

By the time he left peters bottom was glowing bright red and he was sobbingly grateful for his punishment. Personally I hope he is a bad boy again soon!!!! lmao