Monday, 21 May 2012

Erotic Hypnosis

My boy j has been with me again this week and during past visits we have introduced a little erotic hypnosis to our play times. j is a very good victim.......err subject!! lol. We have built up a trust over the past months and he now goes into trance easily and quickly which makes my job sooooooo much easier.

We have played around with a few post hypnotic suggestions, the main one being hypnotic edging. Just using two words (which I cant mention here as it works even if he reads the words Ive written) I can take him right to the very edge of orgasm, that point where just one more stroke would push him over and I can keep him there until I give him the release command.

Needless to say I have had much fun with this over the past couple of weeks, taking him to that place when he least expects it or there is a possibility of being seen, then releasing him just in the nick of time!! It is quite a useful deterrant aswell....the threat of that place can bring him back into line at almost any time!!

Today I thought it about time to add a little extra to our session so I guided him into trance again, reinforced the edging suggestion and added a couple more. The first was permission to have a full orgasm with all the expected feelings and emotions, the second was to have a ruined orgasm with all the frustration that that brings with it.

Obviously I had to test them out to see if they worked so I opted for the ruined orgasm first. I edged him manually untill he was begging for release then when he could hold back no more I gave the command for a ruin whilst continuing to stimulate his cock and waiting to see what would happen. I was overjoyed to observe his cum spurt from the end of his cock but his body deflate with frustration and then a continuous slow dribble of cum pooling on his belly despite the continued stimulation.

End result.........One very frustrated slave and one very happy Mistress!!!!

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