Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Afternoon delight

I had a visit from one of my slaves yesterday and it just so happened that a friend was visiting too. We decided it would be fun to gang up on him for a while!!

He came in and began to strip as usual but when he realised we were not alone he stopped at his boxers his cheeks flushing bright red haha. Come on boy, and the rest, I told him. We laughed at the embarrassed look on his face and the pink flush spreading to his neck but like a good boy he dropped his pants and stood for inspection. My friend and I had a good look and a poke around before telling him to kneel between us, we leaned over him and kissed above his head his cock springing immediately to attention.  Well of course this could not go unpunished!! erections without permission are strictly not allowed. There followed 45 minutes or so of double flogging and whipping while he licked our shoes and sucked our heels. Eventually we allowed him to wank but he was not given permission to cum until he got home, apparently he spent an awkward afternoon driving his van with a persistant hard on.   grins!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Fun Day Out

Its ages since I went on a kinky outing so, when I noticed Wirral Munch holding a play munch I asked my good friend Miss Beth if she fancied going and she agreed.

So yesterday I picked her and her slave husband up and off we went. It was Wirrals first play munch so we weren't sure what to expect but it turned out to be good fun. It was well organised and very friendly and we were warmly welcomed by Mibs and his girl.

For a first event it was well supported by both seasoned professionals and newbies alike. I didn't take any toys this time but there was plenty who did and we were treated to a couple of displays of flogging caning and ropework on the various pieces of equipment supplied.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and making lots of new friends and will definately be attending this event again.......even if we did have a nightmare road trip to get there!!!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Great Minds

I met up with a new friend for coffee on Friday. This was only the second time we had met but I am amazed at how similarly we think and how well we get on. It is one of those friendships where you instantly know that this person gets who you are and understands why you do the things you do.

We are opposites in the world of BDSM she has a submissive husband and does mainly online domination and I have a long distance relationship with a submissive boy but do mainly face to face sessions. However, I think our friendship will build and our interests will be shared making our experiences fuller and more rounded and therefore better for all concerned.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Far Too Quick!!

The weekend that is....  This weekend was the long awaited first visit of my new slave j. He travelled 7 hours to spend the weekend getting to know me an serving me, and I must say he did a pretty good job!

I picked him up Friday evening from his hotel and took him to my apartment where of course the first thing that happened was he was fitted with his cb device. He had been on the honour system up till then and from the dificulty we had getting the device on I believe that he hadn't touched it for the previous four weeks. Anyway with the help of plenty of lube we finally got his cock locked away safely, although it was straining at the cage so hard I thought it might snap!!

We sat down together for a get to know you chat, well I sat while he knelt at my feet, I couldn't resist letting my foot wander to feel the bulge of his cock cage now and then which seemed to have a strange effect on him!! From time to time I noticed his eyes wander to the gas mask hanging on the wall so knowing his penchant for rubber, I asked if he'd like to try it for size. He looked spectacular in it and I only wish I had remembered to bring my camera to capture the moment.

He returned to his place kneeling at my feet where I began to play with the air intake valve, blocking it for a few seconds to start with then gradually increasing the time he was without air. It wasn't too long before he was drifting off to that lovely place all subs/slaves yearn for. I kept this up for about 45 minutes untill he was well into subspace and then gently brought him back. He thanked me and said it was the first time he had done breath play without panicking which I took as a great compliment.

Once he was back in a near normal headspace we packed up and I took him back to his hotel to try his first night in enforced chastity......apparently the morning wood was the most difficult to deal with haha