Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Far Too Quick!!

The weekend that is....  This weekend was the long awaited first visit of my new slave j. He travelled 7 hours to spend the weekend getting to know me an serving me, and I must say he did a pretty good job!

I picked him up Friday evening from his hotel and took him to my apartment where of course the first thing that happened was he was fitted with his cb device. He had been on the honour system up till then and from the dificulty we had getting the device on I believe that he hadn't touched it for the previous four weeks. Anyway with the help of plenty of lube we finally got his cock locked away safely, although it was straining at the cage so hard I thought it might snap!!

We sat down together for a get to know you chat, well I sat while he knelt at my feet, I couldn't resist letting my foot wander to feel the bulge of his cock cage now and then which seemed to have a strange effect on him!! From time to time I noticed his eyes wander to the gas mask hanging on the wall so knowing his penchant for rubber, I asked if he'd like to try it for size. He looked spectacular in it and I only wish I had remembered to bring my camera to capture the moment.

He returned to his place kneeling at my feet where I began to play with the air intake valve, blocking it for a few seconds to start with then gradually increasing the time he was without air. It wasn't too long before he was drifting off to that lovely place all subs/slaves yearn for. I kept this up for about 45 minutes untill he was well into subspace and then gently brought him back. He thanked me and said it was the first time he had done breath play without panicking which I took as a great compliment.

Once he was back in a near normal headspace we packed up and I took him back to his hotel to try his first night in enforced chastity......apparently the morning wood was the most difficult to deal with haha


  1. Try sleeping with the guy when they get nocturnal erections, so fucking annoying! I in fact now take him out at night and chain his hands to the bed so i know he can't touch, just until we get a cage and then he can sleep there. I just want some sleep lol.

  2. Well the reports coming in say he's been dry humping the bed so Im glad Im not there!!

  3. Miss thank You for an amazing weekend. it was just so natural, the chemistry between us, the spark, the laughs and just walking about felt right. i cant wait to be with You again, at Your feet where i belong. happy valentines day xxxxx

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. It brings back memories of the first time I was locked in chastity. Such good fun!