Friday, 27 January 2012

Chastity - My view

I read posts everyday on various forms of the chastity lifestyle and it seems there are as many ways to live it as there are people actually living it, so I thought I would give a little run down on what chastity means to me.

Firstly to me chastity involves wearing a device. Yes I know they can be uncomfortable, they can get in the way sometimes, they take a bit of getting used to etc but I want my boys to go through that for ME. Chastity is something they do for ME not because it gives them a kick. The whole idea of the honour system does little or nothing for me I dont want you to not touch your cock because you are in control of your urges, I want you to not touch your cock because its mine and you are unable to. Just knowing that my boys are reminded of me everytime they walk or sit and feel the device between their legs or when they go for a pee and have to sit or take exercise and it pulls a bit, that is what turns me on. I want them to know and be reminded all day every day that it is MY cock and I control it.

Secondly, I read a lot of post from subs proudly claiming so many hundred days in their device and I think poor keyholder not having a cock to play with all that time. When I own a cock I want access to it whenever I feel like. That may be daily or it may be weekly or it may not be for a month or so, but when I have a toy I want to play with it regularly. Chastity to me means that my cocks are available when I want them its not a marathon to see how long you can survive without wanking, once I have a cock locked the only person who will ever wank it again is me.

I never decide in advance how long the device will stay on, how do I know that in seven days I will feel like playing with it? Also I want my boys to wonder if today is the day.......or not!! I like surprises. I like to tease. I like to deny. I like to be in control of when or if my boys get to orgasm.


  1. Thank you MissTilly very interesting

  2. You're welcome js1n10, welcome to my blog

  3. I've kept chaste successfully using both the honour system and whilst being locked in a device. I have to say my preference is with a device, too.

    As an admitted chastity addict, I have no problem keeping chaste without a device and have no problem abstaining from touching my penis. However, I'm missing out if I'm unlocked.

    When I'm locked, every time I move and every time I'm aroused, my mind is instantly taken to my keyholder (my other half). This is something that doesn't happen every time with the honour system. Locked chastity is also not just orgasm denial, but also erection denial, too. When i'm locked, it feels wonderful to know that not only can I not orgasm without permission, but I can't even become hard or experience any physical sexual pleasure without my keyholder physically unlocking me.

    As well as all that, i find it very comforting to wear a device and know that all decisions surrounding my penis are taken out of my hands. It's a wonderful feeling!

    Fantastic post. I really look forward to reading more!

    Kindest regards,



  4. Welcome to the blog Andy, glad to see you're still enjoying your chastity

  5. I am! More than ever.

    I'm currently locked in a new silicone device called the DickCage. It's not as nice as steel, but it's very comfortable. I'm reviewing it at the moment so will be in it for a few weeks, all being well.

    Great to read you feel as strongly about chastity, too!