Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my blog, as this is my first post here and anywhere else for quite some time I thought I would introduce myself and what I am all about.

I am a mature dominant woman and although I discovered BDSM fairly late in life, I realise that I have been dominant for as long as I can remember. My first memories of dominant behaviour where back in junior school, I would walk home with a boy in my class and took great delight in assuming the Mother role. By the time that boy reached his bus stop his backside and the back of his legs were pink to say the least!! That was my first experience of spanking but definitely not my last. Back then I cant say it was a sexual experience but the power rush was exhilarating and the feeling of total control was definitely habit forming!!

These days the desire for control is just as strong or maybe even stronger, even the thought of my boys kneeling in front of me giving that control to me to do with as I will makes me wet. It’s a feeling like no other. My sadistic side has matured with age but I still love to give a good over the knee spanking and slapping a boys legs leaves a warm glow. Inflicting pain on a willing boy is one of the joys of my life and my imagination is always running wild with new and ever more evil ways to do it.

Humiliation is something I found harder to come to terms with (see I have a soft side too!), however, the more I experimented with it the more pleasure I got from it, and as I recognised the need and indeed pleasure my victims received from it the more comfortable I got with it. I now spend a fair bit of time dreaming up new ways to humiliate my boys many of which no doubt will be recorded in this blog.

Another of my great joys is chastity and for me chastity has to entail wearing a device. I know that some submissives prefer the honour system but it is the enforcing of chastity which floats my boat. As I see it the honour system takes that control away from me and places it with the chastee and that is not what I am after at all. I want to be in control at all times.

About 3 and a bit years ago I decided to add professional dominatrix services to my ever expanding repertoire. I now have a dedicated play room in a lovely private apartment from which to work. I like to think I give value for the tribute I charge and will work with my boys to ensure their fantasies are fulfilled (so long as they are fulfilling mine first of course!!).

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