Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Afternoon delight

I had a visit from one of my slaves yesterday and it just so happened that a friend was visiting too. We decided it would be fun to gang up on him for a while!!

He came in and began to strip as usual but when he realised we were not alone he stopped at his boxers his cheeks flushing bright red haha. Come on boy, and the rest, I told him. We laughed at the embarrassed look on his face and the pink flush spreading to his neck but like a good boy he dropped his pants and stood for inspection. My friend and I had a good look and a poke around before telling him to kneel between us, we leaned over him and kissed above his head his cock springing immediately to attention.  Well of course this could not go unpunished!! erections without permission are strictly not allowed. There followed 45 minutes or so of double flogging and whipping while he licked our shoes and sucked our heels. Eventually we allowed him to wank but he was not given permission to cum until he got home, apparently he spent an awkward afternoon driving his van with a persistant hard on.   grins!!