Friday, 2 March 2012

New Boy on the Block

So I had an email last week from a boy who wanted some training to explore his submissive side. He is married and has experimented mildly with his wife but it seems the kink is embedded deeper in him than his wife so with her blessing he sought me out for some "extra" training.

He came for an interview last week and I found him to be respectful and serious about exploring this lifestyle so I agreed to begin training him and see where it led to. He comes tomorrow for his first session and all sorts of nasty things are going through my mind!! However, its his first session so I suppose I should be a little gentle on start with at least.

My new violet wand arrived today so all being well that may get a trial run (well a girl has to try out new toys doesn't she) I received a text the other day to say he was happy to receive marks so the floggers and canes will probably get an airing aswell and of course there will be rope and restraints. I think I better finish this blog before I get carried away and decide to use every toy in my dungeon.......evil grin!!!


  1. But after you have let him experience his first session, you wont need to be too considerate will you? Bring on the pain and humiliation i say! hahaha.

  2. Beth I'm always considerate......honest!! That doesn't mean I cant unleash my inner sadist though haha