Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Sad Day

My local town centre has an abundance of shoe shops (luckily for me!!). Most of them sell the everyday variety of shoes, you know the comfy ones you wear for a day out or walking the dogs however, there are three that sell the type of shoes that make your eyes shine, bring a smile to your lips and make you (well me) a little moist between the legs!!

Anyway there was a pair of shoes in one of the everyday shoe shops that had taken my eye. They were definately not everyday shoes, they were navy blue, pink and purple (sounds grotesque but they weren't) they were beautiful and definately caused a little moisture. So today, armed with my crisp £20 notes from yesterdays post, I took myself off to purchase these wonders of shoemaking technology (would that be a load of cobblers do you think lol) and that was when the first bit of sadness hit me. Those orgasmic shoes didnt go up to my size!!!! The assistant advised me to try the next size down as their sizes are supposed to be larger than average so I did. They fitted ok on my left foot but the toes on my right foot were uncomfortably squashed. I considered putting up with the pain for the sake of beauty but it was too much even for me so I put them back with a sad heart.

Never mind I thought I'll find something in one of the three other shops that sell special shoes, so off I went. The first one had turned into a bag shop overnight without warning!! the second......a newsagent and the third closed, empty and shuttered!!! I came home empty handed, heavy hearted and very sad.

Boys you need to treat your ladies to more beautiful shoes so these shops dont have to close down and I can remain moist!!


  1. Can we go to the Trafford Centre and find your shoes?? **drools and pants at thinking of a shoe shopping expedition**

  2. Mmmmm shoe shopping sounds great