Saturday, 3 March 2012

And So It Begins

So new boy came today for his first training session and I have to say I was very pleased with his manners and willingness. His first instruction was that while he was in my apartment he would remain on his knees unless told otherwise, he looked a bit startled but complied.

He was very nervous so like most newbies first port of call was the loo!! Once in the dungeon he was ordered to strip and we did a bit of training on his positions. I showed him how I wanted him to kneel and he discovered that his knees will spread much further than he thought they would. I sent him out of the room and told him to come back in and present himself properly, it took maybe four or five times before he did it to my satisfaction but he managed it eventually. Next he was dressed in collar and cuffs and a set of bondage mitts and then tied to the frame for a workout with my floggers. I was trying to guage what level of play he had done before so started gently and built it up to medium stregnth using three different weights of flogger. Once he warmed up his reactions were quite pleasing so I dropped one or two heavy blows in just for fun.

Next it was onto the spanking bench and the paddles and canes came out to play, he was still apprehensive and his gym trained butt was clenching giving the perfect target so whats a girl to do faced with that haha but I was very restrained and only left a few stripes on his backside!! I decided to give the straps an airing aswell so out came the studded one which made a lovely diamond pattern on his skin and then the chain belt, he wasn't too keen on that one though!

I transferred him onto the table and tied him down pretty tight, he certainly wasn't going anywhere. Out came the cbt sensation toys, lots of pointy, pokey, scratchy things to prod him with, it was at this point I decided to change his name to Mary Ann! At one point he was flinching before I even touched him!! Wonderfull what the mind can do.

All in all I got a pretty good idea about what he can and cant take so it was a productive session and something to build on for next time. Sadly I ran out of time before I got to try out my new violet wand but theres always next time.


  1. lucky bugger, i'd kill to have been there Miss. roll on the 24th xxx

  2. Eeeek!!! You must have had so much fun, i was tingling reading that!

  3. j your turn will come soon!!

    Yes Beth lots of fun was had