Monday, 12 March 2012


I received an email the other day asking if I had considered offering financial domination for those slaves too far away to serve in person. I do offer financial domination as I consider this an extention of the control I love to have over my slaves. However, I find that the finacial fetish has more than its fair share of timewasters and flakes so I wasn't holding any great hopes of this one being real. My hopes sank a little more when I received a message saying he had sent a tribute on Thursday which should arrive luchtime Friday......which of course it didnt!!

I wasn't able to pick up my post over the weekend so it was a lovely surprise this morning to find a card in my post box with instructions to pick up a parcel from the local depot and, after signing for it, discovering lots of crisp new £20 notes inside.

My faith in financial slaves has been restored.......somewhat!!!!

Im off now to buy myself something nice.


  1. Fabulous!! Now all I need is a fun slave that doesn't just talk the talk. Yours didn't come in a pair by any chance?? Lol. Hope you bought something fantastic!

  2. That should read fin slave not fun slave however a fun slave would be good too as long as they have cash lol

  3. Im finding it difficult to choose between shoes, lingerie or new toys lol Choices choices choices!!!!