Friday, 23 March 2012

Oh Happy Day

I thought it would be good to balance the sadness in my last post with some happiness, and today is a very happy day!!

I have two reasons to be happy, firstly the other day I spent the day shopping and having lunch with my friend Miss Beth and finally managed to aquire a pair of those special shoes I was talking about in my last post. And Oh My are they special!!! They fit like a glove and caress my feet to perfection, they are shiny and red and just to put them on is a special event. Needless to say I have had one or two "special events" with them over the last day or two!

We also browsed a few shops other than the shoe shops and I picked up a couple of nice outfits which I may wear to an event we ar going to on Sunday. While browsing I came across a little present for my slave j, I haven't told him what it is yet but I'm sure he will love it..........or maybe not!!

That brings me to my second reason to be happy, j is visiting again this weekend and we are attending our first event together for which I am sure his present will come in handy **grin** I am so looking forward to seeing him again and can't wait to get him locked into his chastity device again ready for some more teasing. I love the look of concentration on his face when he is trying desperately not to get erect and the look of resignation when he knows he is going to fail.

For those interested here is a picture of my new shoes

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