Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Spanking Good Time

Its some time since I have done a purely punishment spanking but the opportunity arose the other day and once I got into my stride I realised how much I have missed it.

Peter arived at my chambers and was immediately put on his knees and required to spill the beans on all his transgressions. Turns out he had been a very bad boy!! His dirty perverted mind had been running in overtime.

I put him on all fours with his forhead touching the floor which raised his bottom temptingly high in the air. He was then required to ask politely for his punishment. I started with bare hand spanking requiring him to thank me after each stroke and ask for another harder one which I of course happily supplied. After about five or ten minutes of this my hand was beginning to sting a bit so I moved on to a leather paddle and peter was told to say "Thank you Miss Tilly I am a dirty pervert and deserve to be punished" after each stroke. Pretty soon his bottom was a lovely glowing pink and it was time for another change of implement, out came the riding crop. I love my riding crop it has a chunky piece of leather on the end and makes a satifying thwack as it lands so throughly enjoyed 10 or 15 minutes with that before moving on to a nice heavy flogger.

By the time he left peters bottom was glowing bright red and he was sobbingly grateful for his punishment. Personally I hope he is a bad boy again soon!!!! lmao

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