Monday, 23 April 2012

Back Into The Swing

So j has returned to Scotland and I am back to work in my chambers. It was a little difficult at first to get my head around j not being here but I had a visit from one of my tribute slaves on Saturday which helped.

This particular slave likes to be tied in tight bondage and teased unmercifully for an hour or two.....right up my street lmao. So the straight jacket got an airing and he was tied to the upright on the frame while I teased him for a while, after that I brought out the violet wand and gave him a going over with that too (I love to see a cock jump as it is zapped!!) I toyed with the idea of bringing the e stim out aswell but decided instead to try a little post orgasm torment so he was moved to the bench and firmly tied down while I stroked him to orgasm and beyond. I was hoping for another orgasm but it was not to be this time and I had to settle for the anguished moans of an over sensitive cock!!


  1. Oh but how enjoyable are those anguished moans? lol

  2. Dammit it's not fair!! I really ache to be with You xxx