Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Catching Up

Its been a few days since I wrote anything here so I thought I'd better write it all down before I forget!! Since my last post I spent days worrying about j and his PTSD until finally I could get up to Scotland to see him (312 miles with only one wrong turn....pretty good I thought!!) It was wonderful to have him close again.

It was the first time we had spent the entire time together without my having to dash off to see to the family and it was a time of close bonding. On Friday we went to see a friend of his and spent some time relaxing and drinking wine after which I bought him some new pillows for his bed (much as I adore him I couldn't spend another night on the ones he had!) Saturday we visited Edinburgh Zoo just being normal and vying for who could come up with the best (or worst) animal pun, I never realised there were so many lmao. The nights were the best though, lying in his arms in the afterglow of multi orgasms (mine not his) was pure heaven and to wake in the morning and hear his breathing was the most comforting feeling I have ever known.

Sunday came all to quick, as usual, and much as I'd hoped he would make the return trip with me it was not possible so I drove home alone and missing him more with every mile. Today though he makes the trip by train and soon he'll be back with me where he belongs.

Also today I'm having a visit from my friend Miss Beth, I'm looking forward to catching up on all the gossip I missed while I was away