Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Problem With Long Distance Relationships

I have always been a little wary of LDR's, they seem fraught with difficulties and problems but my boy charmed me into giving this one a go. However of all the problems I foresaw I have now encountered one that I never imagined.

My boy lives in Scotland and is approximately five to six hours drive from me and until six years ago was a full time member of the Armed Forces. He saw combat in many of the major wars this country has been involved in and at eighteen years old experienced things that no person should have to. Those experiences have over the last ten years caused him to suffer post traumatic stress disorder.

The last few days I sensed something was wrong, he's been much quieter than usual and there seemed to be something flat about him, finally today he told me the ptsd had flared up again.

So my problem is my boy is suffering and I'm too far away to comfort him. I am going up to visit on Thursday but I need to be there now, I need to hold him in my arms and tell him I am there for him. Beam me up Scotty!!!


  1. I'm grateful you're just here on the end of the phone. Talking with You is a great comfort. I love You xxx

  2. Oh no. I've not had PTSD but I can empathise. Poor J, I feel for him and you being so far away, been thru similar but not chatting here. Thursday will soon be here and you'll be able to take good care of him. Chin up you two :)