Monday, 17 September 2012

Mannequin Time

As most of you know my boy j suffers from PTSD and from time to time he has panic attacks. Over the last week or so he has been grumpy and unfocussed and I suspected something was brewing. Sure enough Friday saw a full blown panic attack emerge which took a while to calm down. After it was over I decided to trance j to relax him and release all the stress that had built up and afterwards he was much calmer.

Something we had been meaning to try for a while but time did not allow is turning him into a mannequin. I quite like the idea of having a mindless doll at my disposal to do with as I please, so this morning I decided it was time to give it a try.

I am always amazed at the speed and ease that j goes into trance and this morning was no different. I teased him for a while stroking his forehead without giving the trance command but eventually I did and he fell like a ton of bricks. Good job he was lying down lol. So anyway after a few deepeners to make sure he was nicely relaxed and receptive I placed the trigger and instructions for him to become a mannequin. I have always wondered what the effects of this would be and I have to say I was very pleased with the outcome. j's expression was blank and his eyes glassy just like the shop window dummies you see. I had told him he would have no feelings, emotions or thoughts other than what I told him to have so of course the first emotion I gave him was happiness and a small grin spread across his lips, next (sorry I just couldn't resist) I told him he was horny. Guess what! his cock sprang to attention bursting a couple of buttons on his fly lmao, needless to say I was very pleased with this effect!! I spent a little while longer putting him into various positions, I even sang a couple of nursery rhymes to him putting him into positions suitable to the rhymes which was great fun. Then I brought him out of trance and asked how it was for him. He said it was a blank and he didnt really remember anything except for feeling happy and that he felt incredibly horny. Hmm wonder how that happened!! lol

Well a hypnotist needs to eat so we went off for lunch at the local cafe and on the way home j stopped and looked at me with a funny look "You made me do the teapot didnt you" he groaned I couldn't help but laugh at the embarrassment on his face.

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  1. and You know what Mistress, i love You more and more, the control you have over me is total....xxxx