Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Broken Promises and Healing the Rifts

Lots has happened since I last wrote in here, some good, some bad. Im not normally a negative blogger but I want to get the bad bits off my chest so you lucky readers will have to bear the brunt.

Last week my boy was at a therapy centre for ex servicemen suffering with mental health problems (I've written before about his PTSD) He was doing well and keeping in contact when he could (the phone and internet signal was awful!!) However on Thursday I received a message from an ex mistress of his with whom I have had a previous "incident" she apologises for being the bearer of bad news and proceded to send me screen shots of several conversations she has had with j over the previous 2 weeks. Needless to say they were pretty damning for him and pretty heartbreaking for me. The worst one was a picture he sent after she asked him to wank for her with his cock lying in a big pool of cum. He was at this point supposed to be denied orgasms and on the honour system of chastity. This was the first broken promise!!

He was due to visit me when he was discharged from the centre on the Sunday so over the next few days I skirted round the subject and dropped a few hints giving plenty of opportunity for him to come clean and tell me the truth. I told him again and again how important honesty was to me and to any relationship I was in but he still refused to acknowlege any wrong doing, and so I put into action my plan for revenge. Any man who could lie to me so easily did not deserve my love or my mercy!

I told him I had a welcome home surprise waiting for him and boy did I!! I teased him for days about it getting him more and more excited but refusing to say what it was. So dear readers "What was it?" I hear you ask.

I took him straight to my chambers rather than going home first. I tied him to the bed, smiled and told him to wait for me. I then went into the other room where he had left his clothes and rifled through until I found his phone.....bugger she must have told him what she had sent to me as he had deleted all conversations with her. No matter I had copied everything she had sent and had it all ready on my laptop to read to him but first I gave him one more chance to come clean. He didn't take it.

Starting from the top I began reading making sure I emphasised all the hahaha's and lol's so that he knew just how funny it was to cheat on me. He begged me to stop, swore he was sorry and admitted he'd made a huge mistake but as I told him I had had to read it all so the least he could do was listen to it. This was when he discovered how strong my bed tie was lol no amount of squirming or struggling could set him free.

Eventually he broke down and told me the whole story. No need to go into it here but suffice to say the "lady" in question was not quite the good samaritan she had painted herself initially and had taken a fair bit of advantage of his delicate state of mind.

So eventually I was left with a decision to make.....who to believe....do I keep him around or do I pack him off back to the station and never see him again. In order for any possibility of him staying I had to hear him tell her he wanted no more to do with her. However, before I could ask him to do this he grabbed his phone and did just that which took the wind out of my sails somewhat lol. There followed a couple of hours of soul searching and talking and crying....from both sides.

The outcome was a last chance to prove his honesty and loyalty and to make up for the broken heart he had caused me. I have to say my trust took a severe blow and will take some time to be restored. The "lady" in question has reverted to insults and mud slinging and has tried on a few occasions to contact j again but so far he has blocked her where he can and ignored here where he cant. I know from his past experiences with this woman that this has taken great resolve from him, for some reason she scares him into compliance. She has mental health issues of her own and appears to be very volatile and unstable. My big concern now is that when he returns home and is alone again she will try to wriggle her way back in, I hope I can give him the stregnth to stand up to her.

j is by no means forgiven yet and I have removed his collar until such time that I feel he deserves it again but he is working hard to restore my faith in him.

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