Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Further Adventures Of....

So its taken a little time to get over the events of my previous post but we are getting there. j is working hard to rebuild the trust that was lost but I'm still much happier when he is by my side and I know what hes up to lol. But then I'm always happier when he is by my side!! I have still not returned his collar and think it will be a while yet before I do even though I know how much he misses it. He is up in Scotland at the moment and it is a testing time for me, he swears he has had no contact from the other "lady" and although I do believe him there is still a little part of my brain thats says "Ah yes but he said that before"

I would like to add that I have had many messages of support since I posted my last blog, many from people I dont even know, and I would like to thank those people from the bottom of my heart for their kind words and best wishes.

Anyway, on to more fun news. I have two new slaves in my stable and both are pleasing me no end but for different reasons. The first, who I shall name geraldine for the sake of this blog, is what I can only describe as a gentle person. He tries his very best to do as I ask to the best of his abilities but although he has had past experiences with other Mistresses he is a little naieve in some of the ways of a D/s relationship and I find I have to take things quite slowly with him. He repeats his mantra religiously and texts me to tell me its done and I get regular email updates of his progress which give me an interesting insight into his mind and emotions which I love. He is at present learning the joys of edging which is a first for him as although he has had his orgasms controlled before it has been without that constant arousal that edging brings with it. I am interested to see how he fares with it.

My second new slave, Alexa, is a whole different kettle of fish. He is far more demanding of my time and is constantly texting requests to play with MY cock, needless to say most of them are refused!! Alexa needs to learn self control and so his training is pointed in that direction. On the up side although his constant whining is irritating at times at other times he makes me laugh with his pathetic whinging. He can be hard work but he keeps my mind active as I constantly have to come up with things to take his mind off MY cock, and he did send me a stethoscope which I had on my wish list and have some devious ideas for use in play!!

So between the two of them they have reasonably successfully kept my mind busy while j has been away but all being well he will be back on Thursday and I can relax again.

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