Friday, 15 June 2012

Catching Up

Ive been a little busy lately and have continued to neglect my bog so here is a post about what Ive been up to.

I spent a few days up in Scotland with my boy for his birthday and whilst I was there decided to investigate his secret desires for public humiliation. Starting slowly he was told to address everyone he spoke to as Ma'am or Sir which as I was the only person around at the time he thought was going to be easy. Little did he know I had a little shopping trip planned!! First stop was the local supermarket where I nudged him up to the checkout with a quick reminder in his ear and he managed to mumble a quick thank you Mm as he paid. Of course this wasn't nearly good enough so I upped the stakes and instructed him to wish each person we past on the street a "Good morning Ma'am/Sir and to make it clearly audible. Bless him he did this but he got redder and redder each time. Im pretty sure most people thought he was just being well mannered but he knew why he was doing it and of course I kept reminding him why he was doing it which made matters worse for him.

The following day we went to a country park where there where a few jubilee celebrations going on, we had a stroll around and then saw a quiet wooded area to investigate. We were completely alone so I instructed him to drop his pants and hug a tree, as we were alone he had no excuse not to but I could see the thought "what if" cross his mind. The mental squirming was a delight to watch!!

As he is still off work we decided he should come back home with me when it was time for me to return so there followed a week of more teasing and torment for him to make up for the orgasm he was allowed on his birthday. He was even used for some forced bi sessions in my chambers during the week so by the time he was set to return to Scotland he had very full balls again. He is now 11 days denied and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I love to watch the concentration on his face when he is inside me giving me pleasure but unable to take any for himself. I also admire his stregnth of will as so far there have been no accidental slip ups no matter how hard I tease!!

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