Friday, 24 August 2012

Upsetting the Daily Routine!!

Im not a great fan of routines but I understand the necessity for them. I worry that routine means dull and boring and can lead to getting in a rut. However the up side of having a daily routine is the fun I can have upsetting it, for instance my boy gets up, walks the dogs, makes the coffee and brings mine up to me in bed. This morning I decided to get up before he came back with the dogs and go out into the garden for a smoke. I heard him come back and put the kettle on so once the coffee was ready I went back inside just in time to catch him heading for the stairs. It was just a small thing but the look of confusion on his face was priceless, especially after I told him I would have my coffee after my shower.

I like surprises, nothing huge, just little things that break up the routine enough to stop me getting bored. I like to plan them and spring them at the most opportune time, the time that causes the most confusion or exasperation in my boy. I love the look on his face that says "You've done it again, havent You" I think deep down I should be a bratty sub but I really dont fancy the punishments I'd get if I were a sub and Im sure I'd get plenty as Im not good at doing as I'm told!!

On to other things that have happened over the last week or two, my boy is a bit of a happy snapper, always taking pics wherever we go and he has a huge collection of snaps he has taken over the years. Recently he decided to put them all together in a collection on Flickr which got them a lot of attention and a suggestion was made that they could be commercially viable. So ever the attention whore he put them up on a fine art site and has has a lot of interest in them. Yesterday he made his first sale so big congratulations to him. If you are interested you can see his prints here

A couple of new slaves have entered my service over the last couple of weeks, nico is not really submissive in the general sense of the word but he likes to treat me from time to time and to adore me from afar, more a sort of sugar daddy type thing but he is fun to have around. joe on the otherhand is deeply submissive and craves control and although not vastly experienced I am getting to know him slowly and pushing his limits a little. He seems to be thriving on his experiences so far and Im looking forward to see what he is capable of achieving.

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